Marketing de cine

Film marketing

Do you have a film and don't know how to start promoting it? Let us do it for you, from building a marketing and communication plan to the design of the necessary distribution materials.

We adjust to your budget and we elaborate a plan according to your needs and your film, you just have to contact us.

Let do your work well-known!

Film distribution

Do you dream of watching your movie on the big screen? We can help you. We have the equipment, the experience and everything necessary to make your film reach a final audience. In addition, we are always looking for different projects and we love to support new talent and independent cinema, making these films reach cinemas and other exhibition platforms.

Let show your work to the world!

Diseño de cine

Graphic design

You know what they say: The first impression counts. And, to make your film the best of impressions, we have our design services where we elaborate the visual line of your film and all the necessary materials for promotion. What do you need? A poster, the technical file, a dossier, press book?

We design it for you that way your movie will be love at first sight.


"With the right budget and a well-done marketing campaign, you will be able to reach the right audience without spending a lot of money. You can do it, you just need an expert who knows how to do so."

- Rosa Camero -

"Through marketing and public relations, you can give visibility to your work and that way people can enjoy your talent. You no longer have excuses to start making your dream come true."

- Victoria G. Acero -

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