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10 fun facts about Ralph Bakshi´s The Lord of the Rings

Next 26th of January the first The Lord of the Rings movie version returns to Spanish cinemas.  A cult film made by Ralph Bakshi that celebrates its 40 anniversary in 2018.

Ralph Bakshi was considered a pioneer in the animation film world. He got some fame in 1972 thanks to his film The Fritz Cat but his biggest success was the animated version of JRR Tolkien from 1978, which he could finally bring to life after several attempts.

Would you like to know some fun facts behind the production of this film? Read more!

  1. It is the longest animated movie in the world, 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  1. The Lord of the Rings by Ralph Bakshi is the first film version of Tolkien and we can see it has influenced Peter Jackson´s version in some scenes. One of them is when Frodo and the hobbits are hidden under a big tree root because a Ringwraiths is looking for them after they have left back the shire.
  1. When Tim Burton was young, this was his first film work who worked as an interpolation animator.
  1. The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers make up Bakshi work and, even he planned to film The Return of the King, the trilogy was never completed because of the negative from the producers. Years after, Rankin/Bass Productions made a version of the last book for television but fans did not like it.
  1. The film was made in black and white using real actors after that rotoscope technique was used this is well-known thanks to Disney films such as Snow White and Star Wars, this technique is used for making the laser sword. However, Bakshi work was the first to be completely made with this technique.
  1. Even several animated scenes were made using traditional ways, they were not included in the film and just a few moments are handmade draws. Most of the film is made with a combination of real action and animation techniques.
  1. Action rotoscope scenes were taken in Spain. In fact, The Helm abyss battle was made in Belmonte castle, in Cuenca.
  1. Bakshi work has as a voiceover for the English version John Hurt, Michael Graham Cox, and Anthony Daniels and Manolo García, Antonio Lara, and Constantino Romero, for the Spanish voiceover work.
  1. It was one of the first animated films that used the Dolby Stereo sound system in the cinemas.
  1. During Helm abyss battle an unknown language song sounds where you can hear “Isengard” and “Mordor” however, the words don’t have any sense and it sounds like a completely strange language, this is what Leonard Rosenman wanted to achieve. In fact, some of the words used aEnglishish words said upside down.

Ralph Bakshi The Lord of the Rings was well-known thanks to its quality and great techniques used at that time it was done, the film was a success but there were bad critics as well. That is one of the reasons the film has attracted a lot of fans and it has become a cult film over the years.

That is the cause why Seven Films, collaborating with Rossscammm Films Distribution Consultancy, will release this movie again in Spain for all the Tolkien fans’ delight.

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