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10 movies that inspire traveling

We are right in the middle of the year and a lot of people have taken a vacation or others are about to do so. In Spain it is really normal to take long vacations during the summer, this is a good sign and it is a good way of disconnecting from work and home at the same time. August is a sign to rest, travel and reconnect with your inner self.

But, what happens to those who can not go on vacation? today I share a list of 10 films that inspire traveling and to know distant places. If you do not have the opportunity to go anywhere this summer, then you can do it with your imagination.

  1. Paris, Je T’Aime (Paris, I Love You)

20 short films related to each other to become a feature film. Where those stories show us 20 different places in a mythical city in Europe and the world, it is known as the city of light or as the city of love. Paris.

A film that will take you through different streets and places of this city .


2. New York, I Love You

Following the same line of Paris, I Love You, another film that shows you landmarks of the city of the apple is “New York, I Love You”. Different stories and many characters are those who star in this story of love and hope.

3. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Any of the 3 films of ” The Lord of the Rings ” show landscapes and a beautiful and unique photography, something not seen anywhere, just in New Zealand. An island in the Pacific Ocean away from the world we know, an island slightly larger than the United Kingdom and located 2250km from Australia.

4. Braveheart

Movie filmed in 1995, directed, produced and starring Mel Gibson. This is the story of a Scottish national hero. In addition to learning some history with this film, you can also enjoy landscapes and monuments of the country of Scotland.

5. The Last Samurai 

A veteran of the civil war is hired by the US government, to fight in the war against Japan and try to get a lucrative monetary fund but the story changes course when he is captured by the enemy.

Another story in which you will learn history and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Japan.


6. A Royal Affair (kongelig affære)

A Danish film that tells the story of Princess Caroline of England and King Christian VII of Denmark in 1767. While this country was in repression and enlightened ideas were closer, a love story breaks, perversion and revenge.

During this drama, we can enjoy the scenery of Denmark, see one of the most emblematic castles and plains.

7. Eat Pray Love

A spectacular film that will take you from the hand of a woman Liz Gilbert that had everything, but happiness it wasn’t there so she decides to embark on a journey to find herself where she will take you along the roads of Rome, India and Bali.

8. Mamma Mia!

If you like musicals, abba and the beach, then I am sure you have seen this film already. A story filled with laughter, confusion, and wonderful performances. These characters will go across the most beautiful of Greece and you can make a list of things you would like to do over there.

9. In Bruges

A film that takes you through the streets of this mythical city of Belgium, Bruges. A story of two thugs waiting for instructions from his boss and meanwhile hiding in this city. Not knowing what to do and nowhere to go they explore where they are.

10. The Hangover 

This movie is one of the most representative of Las Vegas where it shows decontrol, nightlife, and excesses that can happen this great city.

4 friends decide to celebrate the bachelor party of one of them in Las Vegas and instead of being a pleasant weekend without problems, it is full of unknowns, secrets and the one who is getting married get lost.


The titles of the films are written in their original version as in each country may differ.

And for you, what is your favorite movie that makes you want to travel? Leave your comment below.


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