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10 places where to find a film distributor

The film distributor is the final step for a film to reach movie theaters or any other platform that has been chosen to release the film. But, how can you reach these distributors to show your movie and, most importantly, how can you do in order to be interested in it?
Let’s go step by step. First, you need to approach with the distributor or all possible distributors to let them know about your movie, some of them will be interested others not so much but do not be discouraged. This is just the beginning.

To get them to be interested in your film, you have to find and talk to the distributors and today we give you 10 places where to find them.

  1. Festivals

Some of the festivals in the world have become a tradition and they have been bringing movies for decades to the people. It is also a place where you can find distributors since festivals for years have been windows for the sale of movies and many of these find that desired distribution contract in these places.

     2. Contacts

Our social circle is a basic tool when undertaking and carrying out projects, with films there’s not difference. Having a finished film or in production, even when you are just starting pre-production, should be shared with your contacts. Sometimes we do not imagine the people that our friends, family or acquaintances can know. You know! The friend of the friend of the cousin. This can be you.

      3. Internet

In these times, Internet is a tool that we do not let pass and especially our dear San Google, which by the way you can find almost all the answers. Here, you can find almost all the film distribution companies, if they have a website and a contact page. We have part of the road already walked.

     4. Email

Your friend got you an email from a film distributor or you searched the internet and you made a database with the distributors that you are interested in. Now, you have to go back to work and send emails to these companies and people.

Tip: Do not send a massive email, try to write them personalized and put the name of the person you are addressing to if you do not have the name, it does not matter, but don’t forget to personalize that email. Attached poster, teaser trailer and film file.


     5. By telephone

You have the film distributor’s phone before you call do not take it to the adventure. It’s better, you prepare yourself, write what you want to say and be very concise, usually these people have little time and do not want to listen to your life. If you have an email, first send it with the film material and then call to confirm that they have received it. If they seem in a good mood, talk about your project.

     6. Social media

Communication with companies and important people have become more direct with social media. These tools are more informal but you can use them as you please a mention, a tweet, direct message, etc. You do not know who can get to see what you mention or tweet.

     7. Film Shows

Film shows are smaller than a festival but can be an important window to find a distributor, usually people in the industry are connected and although there are not distributors directly present in the film show, this could be an opportunity for people to recommend your movie.

     8. International markets

The difference between a market and a festival is that the markets are closed-door events for the general public, here the producers, directors, and distributors meet to do business. You can watch movies, ask the questions you want and negotiate on a contract.

    9. Sales agents

Sales agents are also an option to find a distributor, this is the mediator between filmmaker/producers and the final distributor in any territory. These are usually found in international markets and festivals. You can also find some contact information on the internet.

    10. Networking

This bullet is the last but not the least. Networking is what will lead you to meet new people and connections that can lead you to the right contact. Attend movie events, entrepreneurs and all kind of event that can leave you something good. Is this difficult for you? Here is a guide on how you can do it: How to self-promote successfully.

Now it’s your turn to get to that distributor that you have been waiting. Don’t waste any opportunity and go and find it.

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