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10 tips to improve your SEO

We recommend to improve your SEO or Search Engine Optimization, 3 words that we use more and more in the online world but what does it mean? Well, this is a really important word if you intend to promote yourself or your project/film on the internet. This is what defines if your website, blog, profile, etc. is in the results when people are searching for content related to what you have.

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I am sure you are already on the internet, you have your website or you are about to do it, your social media profiles are opened, activated and your blog is working, you are creating content constantly and now you want to be in the first page of results when people are searching on Google.

If you don’t have what I mentioned before then you should read this post and then go and do it, this is super important in order to start working your online presence and start fighting for that first place in the search results.

In this post, we are going to share with you some tips to get better at your SEO that way you will have a better place in the search engines. With these 10 tips, you are going to learn how to position yourself on the internet and people will be able to find your content easily.

  1. Website’ name. If you have any kind of website, you should name it, this way the engines will find it easily.
  2. Keywords. You must choose between 4 and 5 words that are related to whatever you want to promote, your brand/project/film, this way it will easy for engines to organize those words and people when it’s looking for that kind of content you will appear.
  3. Tagline. Besides the name of the website, you should write a very small description related to your brand/project/film.
  4. Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin will help you to improve the content in your website, it will tell you if the content has a good SEO and you can also add a description, tagline for every page in your website and blog post.
  5. Homepage description. If you have the Yoast SEO plugin, you can improve as well your homepage description this is a short explanation where you say what you do and this description will appear below the site title when people are looking for content.
  6. WordPress user. If you want to increase your online presence and make yourself easier to find on the internet then you should improve your WordPress profile where you write your name and surname and a description of what you do in less than 20 words.
  7. Categories. Divide your content into different categories, no more than 5 but not less than 2, if you have a lot of categories then the content is all spread. The more the content is specialized the better.
  8. Improve your LinkedIn profile. This profile also works as SEO, this is why you should have it updated and you should have the keywords you want to be found for. Is it another way of people finding you on the internet than your professional profile?
  9. Biography.  Don’t forget to write the same bio in all your social media profiles, this way search engines won’t hesitate to match your content with your social media, this reinforced your keywords and your content will get to your final audience.
  10. Create content. Create lots of content, social media, blog, website, etc. This will enforce your brand/project/film.
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If you use WordPress you should go to: dashboard > customize > site title/tagline/logo.

There are other tips to help search engines to find you, for example, an SSL security system or the velocity that your website charges.

Important note: When you are creating content this must be related to whatever you want to found on the internet. if what you want it’s to get out there as yourself or your brand, you should create content related to your keywords. If the content you want to share is related to your project or film then you should create content related to your target and audience.

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