You are currently viewing 12 reasons why sales are important for you and your film

12 reasons why sales are important for you and your film

Sales are the dark side of every business or project, especially when you’re a creative or an artist, as this kind of person you want to create, do new things, move hearts and translate those ideas and to share them with the world. Sales are that process that often you do not want to take charge of and you think the finances will be done magically.

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I’m sorry to tell you but it’s not like that, nobody is going to sell your projects better than you. Unless you are part of the small percentage of creatives and artists that are represented by an agent and even then, I’m sure you have to deal with money and sales in some way.

But we are not here to disregard sales. We are here to give you some reasons why it is important to dedicate time and not only because of the money, we all want to recover the time and money invested in a project but also you can discover other things you can obtain from this process.

  1. You want to show your movie to the world. The main objective of creating a movie is because you want to show it to the public, you want people to see it, how can we achieve this without any sales.
  2. You want to dedicate yourself to this profession 100%. Many people think that making movies is a hobby and it is not possible to survive with this career. I’m sure you want to prove them all wrong.
  3. You have to pay the bills. If there is not money, how can we pay the gas bill, the electricity, the water, the internet, and the list can go on. You have to sell.
  4. You can not live forever waiting for the government’s help. Surely you want to find apart from government aid, investors, and producers that invest money in your projects, but in order for them to invest in any of your projects, they will ask for the return of investment. (ROI)
  5. Because you want to build a professional career. You want to show that this is your passion and you are willing to make it happen.
  6. Because your name will be important in the industry. Having sales and you have been the one who has closed the deal, the industry will begin to recognize your name.
  7. It will be easier for you to enter into new projects. You have already shown that you can sell a project and this will become part of your professional reel, the doors will open more easily for you.
  8. The cost of production has to be recovered. Because there were expenses to make that film or short film like any other product, you need to try to recover the cost and the initial investment.
  9. It will be easier to attract investors and distributors for your projects. Sales suggest success and for your next projects, it will be easier to approach those people who make the decision to buy films.
  10. Connect with professionals in the industry. Believe it or not, sales can make you meet a lot of people, and just the same you meet other colleges like you that can connect you, you can also meet business people who could be your next investors.
  11. To complete the circle. When you make a movie, maybe you never thought to go that far but every time you go a step further and you have reached the end, the final sale will only close this process of months of work.
  12. To have the life you always wanted to have. Maybe a sale does not mean much, maybe it does, but it is for sure a step closer to the life of your dreams, where you work on what you’re passionate about and earn money with that.

Can you think of any others? Leave your comments below.

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