You are currently viewing 20 free tools to promote your film

20 free tools to promote your film

You will be surprised to know how many free tools there are these days to promote your film. You just have to surf the internet to find what you need. It’s incredible! It’s not like before where marketing and advertising for a film were impossible. Now with a little help, you can share what you want in the network.

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So, today we share some of the many free tools to make your movie known. Everything we mention here is just a few clicks away. So what are you waiting for? Start using all these tools in order for people to know more about your project.

Social media

Social media has become part of our lives, so if you are not in them it is almost like not having a life. So, even if you don’t like social media,  you must take all the advantages this offer you, first of all, all profiles are for free and there are social networks for everything. Here we mention the most common but if you want to build a more specialized community, you might need to go to another social network.

1. Facebook profile
2. Facebook fan page
3. Facebook groups
4. Facebook events
5. Twitter
6. Google +
7. Pinterest


The main marketing tool for a film is the trailer, in addition to all the audiovisual material you can have. Videos, clips, and more can be shared comfortably and without paying a cent from these video platforms mentioned here.

9. Youtube
10. Vimeo
11. Periscope
12. Facebook live
13. Facebook videos
14. Youtube live


A post in social media with only text does not work as before but right now you need images to draw more attention to what you are saying and the good part is even if you do not know design or photoshop, these applications will help you create images like a professional.

15. Canva
16. Picmonkey
17. Photoshop online


Having a blog for your film or your projects may be a good option to create awareness about what is happening at the moment. You can start sharing your stories and what is happening in the shooting days from the beginning. Thus you create a community interested in seeing your movie and making mouth-to-ear with other people.

20. Blogspot

There you have it, now it is your turn to make it possible.

If you have another tool that you could include in this list, please leave a comment below.

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