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3 basic marketing tools that any Filmmaker must take into account

These 3 basic marketing tools that we show you here, will help your movie to be seeing as a professional material and it will be sold as a blockbuster, why don’t we take the most obvious things into something that can give us benefits?.

The title, the trailer and the poster, key art, art, (or whatever you call it) are an essential part of a movie. The first is the name of your work, the second is the summary of what is and the third is an image that reflects the story. These three little things that are so essential and when we are working in making a film we can not put them aside, so these tools  are part of marketing. These 3 things sell your project and this is often why people watch your movie or not. Let’s take a look at this.

  1. Title 

Sometimes we put on things, pets, and even people names that don’t sound well, have happened to you that you just met someone and when he/she said his/her name (the ugliest name you can imagine), and then you thought why was she/he name like that?. Well, it’s the same story for a movie, but you think that title is the best, because it’s your project because it is intimate because you understand the meaning but, what about the people who will decide to watch the movie? They do not understand the context and this makes their choice to watch your movie uneasy. So, you have to think very well how you are going to call it, do not worry, you can put an easy name or a nickname meanwhile but the final or trade name has to be something that people can identify the movie with, something that appeals to them and especially that reveals a bit of the story.

2. Trailer

This minute and a half of crisscrossed scenes can be a yes for sure for the next big step of your movie, it can be the opportunity to finding an international producer,  a distributor or to bound with the target audience. Therefore, we must do for this minute and a half the best of all, you should reveal a bit of the story, dare to give an interesting fact and don’t be afraid to play with the images. You should make very clear what is about the movie and what the audience can find in it. Good editing and text are basic in this tool.

3. Poster

Like many others know this tool by the name of: key art, art or billboard. This image with all its components will be the one seen at theaters, DVD’s, Blue Ray’s, VOD, etc. and others places where the film is required. So, this is why we want the design to be super cool but at the same time we want to tell what it’s the movie about. This image also depends heavily on trends, fashion, culture and more. You can find that what it could work in your country, do not need to work in another part of the world. That is why, sometimes we see different key arts of the same film in different countries where is released.

Do not forget that you are not alone and you have a whole team backing you up to help you with this task, make your team and people who are not related to the project part of this matter, make them feel welcome. As always people say: two people think better than one, in this case it would be many more. Don’t forget to be open to opinions and do not be angry to hear criticism, remember that this is only the beginning.
You want to know if you’re on the right track with these three tools? contact us in RosssCammm Films Distribution Consultancy.

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