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4 tips for activating creativity on holidays

Creativity appears in our lives in different ways, sometimes it comes when we least expect it and sometimes we seek it but we can’t find it nor is it close to manifesting, even though we need it badly. This is called a blockage.

Has it happened to you? Because to me, lots of times. There are days, even weeks when I can not find inspiration or creativity to keep moving forward. I want to leave everything and all these doubts take over me. Am I doing the right thing? why can’t go further? what am I doing?. In the end I always get back on track and creativity comes in some way.

That’s why, today I want to share with you some tips to activate creativity, to call inspiration and be creative during our vacations. Because believe it or not, we are all creative, they have made us believe for a long time that creativity belongs just too few people and the rest we are born without it but I am happy to tell you that this is not true. We are all CREATIVE, we just have to practice to make it appear more regularly and above all, we need to identify when it comes to us.

4 tips for activating creativity

It is appropriate to talk about holidays, inspiration and creativity in this post because of the holy week so near and above all, many take advantage of these days to take a few days off and go on vacation, whether it is a weekend getaway, a day or a week. This counts as a disconnect and enjoying things in a different way from the daily routine.

But what can we do to activate creativity while on vacation?

  1. Disconnect. By this, I mean disconnecting completely both electronically and mentally. Put aside your smartphone, social media, and the online world for a while, it does not have to be for days, but it would be nice to do it for few hours a day. Likewise, you have space for new thoughts, do not think about work, or stress yourself, give yourself the opportunity to think about new things.
  2. Walking in nature. If you are spending your free days in the city, it does not matter, because you can give a getaway to the park or some green place that you like. Sit on the lawn or lie down and enjoy the blue sky or clouds. Put your thoughts in pause and enjoy the sounds and things happening around you.
  3. Physical activity. By this, I mean walking, biking or running (if you are a runner). Some activity that asks for physical effort and does not give you time to think about things in your daily routine, like work. So, you have time to enjoy a new place and give good use to your body.
  4. Make a list. Surely during the next days of vacations and doing the activities I mentioned above, suddenly you will get ideas and you will be inspired. Whatever comes to your mind, put it on paper, you do not want to forget what has come at that moment.

There are many other techniques, here’s a bonus: Meditate. Meditation helps to connect with your body and be present at the moment. You do not have to do it for hours, with a few minutes a day you will feel the difference.

How do I know all this? Because I’ve tried it and I’ve done it, the best, it works for me every time.

If you want to inspire yourself and read more about creativity, I recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic” where she talks about this subject from the point of view of curiosity and self-help.

Here is the talk Elizabeth had on last year.

Have an inspiring and creative vacation!

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