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5 elements that can’t be missing in a movie poster

The movie poster is one of the key elements in the promotion of every film. Although design options for the poster are endless some elements must always be present – regardless of whether it is the poster of your first movie, or a blockbuster.

Let’s take a walk through these 5 elements that can’t be missing when you design a movie poster.

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  1. Title

Unless your movie is the new super hit of Batman, the audience needs to know the title of the movie. No matter how artistic the design of your poster is, without a name on the poster, the audience will not know what to say when buying their ticket in the cinema.

2. Production and distribution logos

The same company may produce and distribute a film, however, these cases are scarce every day. That is why you can usually see several logos on the poster. Each one of the companies that were involved in the project should be mentioned. That is why you see so many logos at the bottom of the poster.

Generally, this aspect is previously agreed upon by contract or agreement.

3. Legal 

It seems obvious, but in fact, it is misleading, legal refers to the Distribution Rights. If the art for the poster has independent copyright, even if your film is going to be exhibited with IMAX or DOLBY ATMOS technology, you should pay special attention to this aspect and its writing.

4. Release date 

The release date is information that is negotiated with the distributor, however, it is important to let this date be known as soon as possible so that the interested audience knows when they can buy their tickets.

No matter if it’s just a legend that says “COMING SOON” at the bottom of the poster, it’s important to let the public know how long they have to wait to see your movie.

5. Social media and website

At this point, there may be some controversy, but we believe that in the age of technology you must offer the public as much information as possible about your movie, and that includes where they can find it. At least, the poster should appear on the basic social media networks Twitter and Facebook.

There are other elements that you can integrate into your posters, such as graphics and discursive guidelines that make a difference. These are used to give a distinctive touch to the art and leave the basic scheme but this is not a must.

Is there any other element that you would mention here? Please leave your comment below and that way we can discuss it.

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