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5 things you did not know about film distribution Rossscammm Films and Marketing

5 things you did not know about film distribution

Film distribution is often unknown to the general public, but the people who work in the industry know that this is the most important step for a film to come out to the public. People can actually get to know about the film and they can choose to watch it among other movies at the cinema.

But what is beyond that? Today we’ll share with you 5 things you did not know about film distribution.

If you want to know more about the distribution process you can click on the link below:

The Film Distribution Process

1. The distributor is the intermediary between production and exhibition (cinema)

When you finish a movie, it should be welcomed by a distributor in order to reach cinemas or other display windows. To reach these distributors, the typical way is to send your movie to films festivals and if your movie is chosen you will be able to make some connections.

2. A lot of times producers and directors of movies resign all rights to their movie for years.

Often a director or producer only want their the movie released into the world and to reach as many people as possible, but this sometimes leads to the signing of contracts with unclear clauses. Often they resign the film’s rights to give the distributor full control over it.


 3. A distributor releases on average between 20 – 25 films per year.

Even for a large distributor, it is impossible to release a new film every week. First, because there are not so many cinemas and also, they would be competing with themselves. When we talk about big distributors it’s because they make a lot of money and most of their films are blockbusters, they don’t have any problems with distribution.


4. The blockbusters commence distribution from the script stage.

There are films that from the draft of the script make it possible to predict that it will make a lot of money and this, in fact, gives them a worldwide distributor. We know it is a big production because of the budget (we are talking about millions of dollars) and we know the acting includes high profile, first level actors.


5. Negotiation is essential at all stages of films distribution.

All films are unique and each one requires its own special negotiation. We can start from the contract with the distributor, to the percentage to be obtained when the movie is in movie theaters. That percentage varies sometimes from week to week. From spaces in theaters, circuit, copies and the marketing plan, everything is a negotiation.

Which of these points did you already know? Or is there one you can’t believe? Leave your comments below.


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