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5 Ways of Promoting Yourself

In 2016 our CEO, Rosa Camero, decided to step out of her comfort zone and start out as an entrepreneur, launching Rossscammm Films & Marketing. Her mission was to break through in the film industry to create something new and out of the ordinary. Since then, Rosa has discovered her business journey to be about much more than mere economics. Personal growth has been key to her success.

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Rosa readily admits that in the early days she initially felt embarrassed about promoting herself:

“When I first started talking about what I was doing I was ashamed and I felt awkward and weird talking about my business. I thought people would think I was annoying and that I just wanted to sell to them. But do you know what? That’s exactly what I did want to do: I wanted to sell and I wanted to talk about my business.”

Today, Rosa has left old ways of thinking negatively about self-promotion behind and embraced new ways of promoting her business and herself. She has gained the confidence to offer her services without shame, and has already gone from charging 45€ to 150€ an hour. How did she do it? Her first step was to believe in herself. In order to be able to charge a higher fee for your goods or services you need to believe in your work, acknowledge that it is awesome (yes!) and that you deserve to be remunerated in a way that reflects this belief. You know that you are good at what you do – you just need to go out there and let people know about you and give them permission to believe in you, too!

How to promote yourself

Last November, Rosa had her first workshop in Denmark and chose to talk about “how to promote your brand or project.” It was a success. But when Rosa was booked to repeat the workshop she decided to change the name to “How to promote yourself.” The change in name is reflective of one of the most important things Rosa herself learned from promoting Rossscammm. And that is, that true engagement isn’t just about pitching your brand or project. It’s about promoting yourself.

To help you find the courage you need to talk about yourself here are 5 tips from Rosa to aid you in daring to talk about yourself… and your projects:

  1. Facebook Groups. I have met some of the greatest people by joining and interacting with Facebook groups. I met my business coach and my sales coach via Facebook groups – two women who helped me to build a solid business.
  2. Networking. I don’t have enough time to do a lot of face-to-face networking but when I can, I try to get to know other people and also try to get their contact details and actually write to them.
  3. Facebook Profile. Post, post, and post again – however many times it’s needed. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from sharing our journey because we are worried about what other people think of us. For example, I doubt whether you like it when you see your business has an empty sales funnel, this is why you don’t talk a lot about what you do. But ironically this is exactly the time to utilize facebook and it’s friendly social media presence. To connect and share with people who could help you to take the next step.
  4. LinkedIn. This is the best tool for interacting with other professionals from your home or office. A LinkedIn “like” or “comment” means a lot. Don’t be afraid of using LinkedIn. You can even dare yourself to post your own blog via this great platform.
  5. Instagram. Post stories, dare to record videos and talk to your community about what you have done that day. Even posting a photo with a little story will generate more likes and possibly even comments for you.
  6. Extra: Twitter. If you are the kind of person who is not comfortable with long stories, then you should try Twitter, where all content is short and sweet. You can join conversations and RT other Tweets. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, what’s more important is how engaged your community is.

If you want to learn more about promoting yourself and increase your asking price; want to reach the right people to present your project to, or want to expand your client base – then you need to talk to us. Or, you can take our workshop “How to Promote Yourself”.

This is especially relevant for creatives, entrepreneurs, coaches, filmmakers, artists, and solopreneurs.

Ask us about our next workshop dates in our calendar.


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