5 ways of promoting yourself

5 ways of promoting yourself

Since I started as an entrepreneur with Rossscammm Films & Marketing my way of promoting myself has gone up every day, when I started talking about what I was doing I was ashamed and I felt awkward and weird to talk about my business, I thought people will think I was annoying and I wanted to sell. But you know what? I wanted to sell and I wanted to talk about my business.

If you ask me now, all this has stayed behind and now I am confident enough to offer my services without shame and I actually have gone from charging 45€ to 150€ an hour. But in order to reach a higher price you need to believe you deserve it and your work is awesome. You are good at what you are doing, you just need to go out there and tell other people that.

How to promote yourself

Last November I had my first workshop in Denmark and I chose to talk about “how to promote your brand or project” and it was a success after that I have been booked with this workshop, I changed the name and called it “How to promote yourself” because it’s not about your brand or your project but it depends on you if whatever you are promoting work. So in order to promote something yours, you need to dare to talk about yourself so here I give 5 tips where you can talk about you and your projects.

  1. Facebook groups. I have met the best people joining and interacting with Facebook groups, I met my business coach and my sales coach there, 2 women who helped me to build a solid business.
  2. Networking. I don’t have enough time to do networking but when I can, I try to know other people and I try to get their contacts and I actually write to them.
  3. Facebook profile. Post, post, and post whatever times it’s needed, sometimes we don’t dare because we care what other people care. I don’t think you like when you see your business empty, this is why you don’t talk a lot about what you do.
  4. Linkedin. This is the best tool to interact with professional people from your home or office, a like or a comment means a lot. Don’t be afraid of doing it, even dare to post your own blog post.
  5. Instagram. Post stories, dare to record videos and talk to your community what you have done that day. Even posting a photo with a little story, you will have more likes and even comments.
  6. Extra: Twitter. If you are the kind of people who are not comfortable with long stories, then you should try Twitter, where is short and sweet, you can join conversations and RT other Tweets. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have but how engaged your community is.

If you want to learn more about promoting yourself and you want to increase your price, you want to get to the right people to present your project or you want to get clients, then you need to talk to me or take our workshop “how to promote yourself”

This is great for creatives, entrepreneurs, coaches, filmmakers, artists, and solopreneurs.

Ask us about the next dates in our calendar.

How to promote yourself – workshop


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