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7 film street marketing campaigns that went viral

When you put together street marketing and video, it can become a great promotional tool for any project. You can see the thousands of videos that are shared on social media daily and even Facebook has declared support for videos in 2018, they are even creating their own content in collaboration with influencers, brands, and media.

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Film street marketing

In this article we bring to you, 7 street marketing campaigns that have gone viral, these are campaigns that have been made for films in order to promote them in different countries. These are marketing actions that anyone can make happen. If the idea is good and has good reception, it can have an impressive impact on social media for you and your movie. Can you imagine?

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  1. IT 2017, Brazil.

Clown coming out of the sewer is what this video is about, a heavy prank that a television program has carried out to scare people who are passing by.

A boy dressed as the main actor in the film asks passers-by to help him with his balloon from the sewer.

Look what happens…

     2. Ghostbusters, 2017, Spain.

The Madrid metro is a European emblem and the movie Ghostbusters did not miss the opportunity to carry out a frightening joke.

The users of the metro in Madrid, go to the platform to wait for the train and everything seems normal until the subway does not arrive …

     3. The Ring, 2017. The United States.

Apparently, scary movies are the most popular to make this kind of joke to people. The movie The Ring could not be left behind by scaring hundreds of people in an electronic store.

When you go to a store where they sell televisions, you see the same image in all of them but imagine that being there one of the images simply comes out of the television…

     4. Carrie, 2013, The United States.

A classic of the ’70s returned to the big screen in 2013 and to promote the film, it made a lot of people believe that telekinesis existed.

A man makes a girl get angry, who unloads all her fury on him, and to make it clear that nobody messes with her, she pushes him to the other side of the cafeteria, but the weird part is when she does not move from her place…

     5. Jason Born, 2016, The United States.

Apparently, the best campaigns happen in the United States but of course, you have first-hand access to first division actors like Matt Damon.

For Jason Born, he joined in a promotion with Charity Water, a non-profit organization (that I very much support, especially that they have incredible marketing campaigns) to make a special event of the film and for this, the same Matt Damon delivered the tickets for the premiere, the funny thing is to see how he delivers them…

     6. The Boy, 2016, Brazil.

Brazil is characterized by carrying out heavy street marketing to its audiences. Apparently, this type of joke is well seen and generate a lot more excitement for the films and their release.

This campaign was made for the movie “The Boy”, a scary movie where the main character has to take care of a doll. In this prank, the idea was the same, they hired a nanny to take care of a doll, what the nanny did not expect was what happens next…

     7. La-la Land, 2017, Mexico.

In Mexico, they risked making a flash mob for the promotion of the Oscar-winning film in 2017 La La Land.

Imagine that you go to the movies and suddenly you see a group of people who start dancing, you’ll say crazy and you continue with your life, but suddenly more people and more people joined until they reach a massive choreography…

Have you done something similar? Share your ideas in the comments.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to bring something amazing like this alive and you do not know where to start, we can help you with all the marketing for your movie.

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