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8 reasons why movies delay in movie theaters

The delay of movies in movie theaters can be for many reasons. The process from production to distribution is not easy, some films get faster to their final audience than others and there are others movies that never get anywhere. Why? Here are 8 reasons.

We all have experienced that we are dying to see a movie, we saw it announced months ago, it could have been a trailer in internet, a poster in the movie theater, etc. but the time has passed by and we don’t even know if they are going to release it but why is that?

  1. The film found a local distributor

Some movies are lucky as they have producers, a director or renowned actors to work with and since the beginning, they have already closed all or some of the exhibition windows, they have already found a distributor in their territory that will make happen a release in cinemas. This doesn’t mean they will release in others countries and they will have to find a sales agent or distributors to make this happen.

     2. The movie travels first to film festivals

Films, especially independent, spend some time traveling to film festivals, this gives them recognition and thus find distributor more easily, some movies unfortunately never meet a real movie theater and they never get to see a commercial release.

     3. The movie has a sales agent but it has been able to sell in your country

To make easier the managing rights, producers give away the film rights to distributors and sales agents. The sales agent is an intermediary and its main task is to sell the rights of the films in as many countries they can, sometimes they can’t sell the films to all corners of the world.

     4. There’s not an interested distributor

The film has already fulfilled its festival time, has already been awarded, selected and still has not got a distribution contract in any territory, this makes its commercial release complicated. Filmmakers, when they see that it has completed its cycle and has not managed to achieve more, they need to make a decision if they want to distribute themselves, as self-distribution or move to the next project, leaving this film in the drawer of memories.

     5. The minimum guaranteed is too high

Movies, especially those with a medium or high budget want to ensure that there is a profit and in order, to make sure this will happen, they put some terms where the distributor needs to pay a sum of money in advance. Some will pay, others will negotiate and others won’t want to close the deal and thus territories may be lost to release the film.

      6. An appropriate date is not available fo its release

The movie has a distributor, has a marketing plan, copies, etc. It is ready to come out, but now, there is not a suitable date to release, especially if it was planned to do so on a specific date and a few weeks before you realize that a big blockbuster of the moment plans to release the exact same day. It is always risky to release with these types of films, as they can take some affluence from other films.

     7. Materials are very expensive

The distribution contract has been closed and with this is often involved paying costs for materials for exhibition.

These materials are DCP master, poster design, stills, trailer, subtitles, etc. These materials have a price and often they can overspend the costs that were planned, this for many distributors may be a decision to be a deal breaker of the film.


     8. The materials have not arrived

Some of the movie’s materials are physical, like the DCP master and previously in the past it was the band of image and sound in 35 mm. Only one copy known as the master (the original version of the film) travel the world to do the copies needed in each country. Fortunately, technology helps that files can be transferred over the internet, but when you have to receive physical materials and do not arrive, this makes the release delay. It’s like a chain, if something is delayed, the rest too.

These are some of the reasons because the movie release is delayed in different countries, there can be many other reasons. So, do not despair if the film has not arrived, now you know that there are many details to take care of and things to do before it reaches the final step.

Now, remember before you watch an illegal movie, think about all the work and time that has been done. All those people who have worked hard to get that movie out in the market and to release it at your city and country.

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  1. Hamza sekkat

    I n my country there is more than just 8 reason, one of them is the theater is qtill not exactly a theater but it is only a screen.

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