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Automating the tasks you hate

Automating the tasks you hate lets you focus on the things you love about your work. And that’s important.

Running your own business or managing creative projects as an independent freelancer sounds exciting. Perhaps your aim is to successfully launch that new film, provide your unique service to other industry professionals, or develop innovative tools to service the digital/screen industry?

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Whatever the case – no matter how much passion you have for your vision – at some point along your professional journey you’ll inevitably be faced with a bunch of repetitive administrative tasks that are, well… let’s be honest: downright boring! We’re talking about tasks like keeping track of all those people you’ve been meaning to connect with via social media, maintaining visibility in an over-crowded online marketplace, discovering new opportunities or environments for your products or services to flourish – all while pushing your brand to reach the people who need it the most. Phew! It’s a lot.

Feeling overwhelmed, bored, or stressed by having to complete these tasks is not uncommon. You are not alone. A recent survey by software firm Automation Anywhere discovered that “…Workers spend almost 40% of their time facilitating digital administration, which lowers productivity.”

At Rossscammm Films & Marketing we pride ourselves on finding solutions for our clients so they can work at their optimal level. By streamlining certain processes, like having an easy step-by-step marketing strategy, you can free up valuable time.

Marketing Strategy

Of course, there still might be certain aspects of any task that you don’t enjoy. But when the majority of the workload is automated this doesn’t matter. Take the example of our CEO, Rosa Camero, who readily admits to having a love-hate relationship with social media yet manages to navigate this area successfully every day. Without feeling stressed or overwhelmed by it. How does she do it? She uses the Rossscammm Social Media Strategy

The materials we share with you are the same tools we use to manage our own workflow and our clients to maximize efficiency and get results. So they’re tried and true. We are at the coal face, too. This way, we are also the first to recognize new trends, demands, and opportunities that we can take advantage of. Not only for ourselves but for our clients, too, and automating the tasks we don’t like is one of them.

We keep up to date with emerging technologies and the latest apps. Then, using our simple templates we can easily integrate the use of any new technologies with the multiple platforms we already use. That’s right – we use multiple platforms within the one marketing campaign. Simultaneously. Which means that with a few small tweaks you can reach a much larger audience without having to spend any more time doing so. Now that’s productivity.

If you are keen to automate the tasks you hate then you are ready for our time-saving hacks to boost your business in a more meaningful way. Please get in touch.

We can isolate the most effective strategies to serve your purposes the best and create a tailor-made solution just for you.

Now, it’s time for you to get back to the tasks you love!

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