Branded content to change the world

Your message and mission can change the world

It’s not a secret that films can get stuck in your head. You can fall in love with a film, hate it, or forget about it as soon as the credits start to roll. You probably also have a favorite film, one that you’ve watched time and again and would happily watch a thousand times more. And then there are those special films that have had a serious impact on your life. Ones that resonate deeply and provide you with new insight, understanding, hope. Because films can also have the extraordinary ability to transform lives, create awareness, and trigger movements around the world.

Imagine that it is your message and mission out there changing the world and transforming lives...

This is possible! Yes! This can be your brand and your mission streamlined into a branded content film that resonates with your audience to create a meaningful impact.

*branded content

Open the door to something special with your branded content film

What is it?

If you don’t know what branded content is, it is simply a marketing term used for pieces of content that are related to a company and its brand. It is not a corporate video where the brand is the main character. Rather, a branded content piece can be related to a brand and its values without taking center stage, thus allowing other elements to shine.

You know in your heart your message needs to go above and beyond to bring awareness to the audience with your unique story and have a positive impact on the lives of the people who watch your film.

We have chosen this particular marketing format because it is aligned with what we want to help you accomplish. We want to give a voice to your powerful story so you can share it with the world. And one of the best ways to do this is to create a film.

We will design your film to build awareness by associating it with content that shares the values of your brand. It can be related to your brand, or to something the brand believes in.

Another great aspect of this approach is that it gives you more freedom to not only introduce a fictional world within a marketing strategy, but also get into other kinds of stories that don’t necessarily have to be directly about your brand. You can create awareness about communities that are in need, amazing cultures, or traditions you believe in with cross benefits coming from increased exposure. An added opportunity for you to help share the stories of others, while at the same time enabling your brand to become recognized and respected.

The content does not necessarily need to be a promotion for the brand, although it may still include product placement.

*branded content

Creating world-changing movements through stories

*branded content

You have a story to share and if you wait for someone else to find it, you can wait for years and probably that opportunity will never come

your brand needs Branded Content to Change the world

Films usually take at least 2 – 3 years to hit a screening room. This means that regular viewers only get to see a film for the first time a long time after that story is born. People have this need to see stories on screen, but they don’t fin out about them after a long time. 

While your film gets ready, we will work a marketing strategy around it, so your content starts building its own community from the beginning. It can either take the form of a short film or a documentary that has the potential to become a feature film or a pilot for a series.

This is not another corporate video for advertisement. This is a real film that will last forever and will impact people’s lives.

It will be sent to film festivals so it can reach different parts of the world, offering the opportunity to gain awards and create awareness.

We can also create so much buzz around the film that people will want to watch the film before anyone else, by actively seeking out the film when it is released. Your target audience can have a full interactive experience through different platforms where they get to know more about your story during its development and become part of your community.

Of course, it will also be offered to sales agents, film distributors, and VOD platforms. 

Here’s a quick look at an example of how the marketing process can work in tandem with your film production timeline.

Our mission:

To create a film surrounded by a transmedia marketing strategy starting from day 1 – so it can be recognized wherever it goes. Creating a movement even before the film exists.

The Process

The brand will be engaged during the entire process; from choosing a script, the cast, film director, etc. The idea is to support new talent and create engagement and fidelity among them. Entering the film industry can be difficult. This process enables an opportunity to create something tangible to chart the process while adding to the depth of the project.

And the awesome take away is that this unique film will be here to stay forever.

A unique film that will be created to stay forever

While all this is happening, the transmedia marketing campaign will be part of every step.

*branded content

80% of the success of a film depends on its marketing campaign

How is this helpful?

This is for you if you have a brand that seeks to change lives. If you feel like your message must be amplified and reach different parts of the world. You want to communicate your values and/or something you believe in.

We believe in strong stories that can change the world and create awareness in the world.

Stories with impact: to do with change, social awareness, environmental issues, and the spiritual... there are so many areas you can inspire people in

This is ethical filmmaking with a marketing campaign unilaterally setting the tone of your film to reach your target audience. You might think of your project as niche, or not mainstream. But that doesn’t mean you need to shirk away from the commercial interests of your film. After all, this is how some of the best art has been created, from the influential Bauhaus art and design movement, to recent offerings like the Tales by Light documentary (Netflix) which was produced by Canon and National Geographic and where you can see its range of products used in the story-building.

We want to change the world by telling stories that matter, by creating awareness about what’s happening in the world, prompting movements that inspire people, and get people together – even if they live on opposite sides of the globe.

this is for you if you...

have a brand with great values and know can help to change the world 

if you are looking for an agency that cares about your values, that is dynamic, and they are experts in creating community and impact 

if you like to be in the forefront of cutting edge of innovation

care about connecting with your audience and creating consciousness

are not afraid of talking about polemic topics that are happening around the world

don’t expect fast results but you are patient and caring with your audience

this is not for you if you...

If you are looking to work with a traditional marketing agency

If you are focused on working with big brands and not on taking care of your community

If you are worried about your image and not about your community and creating impact in the world

if you don’t believe in technology and digital marketing. The all campaign is based in the digital world

if you expect immediate results

if you want your brand to be the main character, we need the film to flow and when we add a brand in each frame looks fake

How is this different from a normal branding strategy?

Branded Content to Change the World is different because we create a community around your film and brand, instead of just showing to your potential buyers how great you are with a marketing campaign, we will show how your brand cares about the world we live in.

This is more about connecting, creating consciousness, and engaging more deeply with your audience by exposing more of that inner drive of the brand. Therefore, people would want to know more about the film, the brand, and how they can help.

Can we measure it?

As we are building a community around your film/movement, we definitely could have a before and after, we could add call to actions when the community is engaged in conversation.

This is a long-term strategy so measurement is possible. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

*branded content

Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.

If people love what they see probably you will have a fan for life

*branded content

We believe in powerful stories to change the world

More about rossscammm film and marketing

Rossscammm are experts in creating and promoting stories through branding, digital marketing, and film production.

Through the years, Rossscammm has become multifaceted. They started as a film distributor in 2014, distributing more than 10 films in cinemas and VOD. In 2018 they decided to specialize in digital marketing and branding, working with creatives, entrepreneurs, and businesses around the world.

In 2020 they have taken a step further and discovered a new way of film production where they can commit with the world and their clients to deliver stories through branded content to change the world.

Rossscammm has the know-how of producing, promoting, and distributing a film at all its stages. Behind the scenes are highly trained professionals that know what they are doing every step of the way, so they can deliver high quality and excellent content to their customers.

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