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September is a month where we usually come back from our holidays and we are full of energy. This is when we decide to push sells in our business. We know it because in July we always receive emails and calls where brand owners ask us to design or redesign their websites and business presentation as they are two essential selling tools in business.

Today I´m going to write about business presentation, this is a document famous around the world to show and sell products or services. I will show you what you should add to it and how to make it effective plus we are sharing our business presentation with you that way you can have a guide when creating yours. 

This business presentation is perfect to submit to film festival, conferences, send to potential clients, apply for funds, etc. This is a  professional slide deck if you are looking to create an audiovisual slide deck, you can go here How to create a pitch deck

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What is a business presentation?

A business presentation is an important tool to sell and it’s part of the marketing plan. As this is an important tool you should check it every year to keep it updated. On this document you can find the most important information about a business or project.

Ideally, you could have one business presentation for each different things, depending of what you want to do. But, when you are starting you just need a multipurpose business presentation.


The content: 

Information that can’t be missed in a business presentation is:

  1. A business presentation. It should be a description of 2 or 3 paragraphs talking about the values, the team, the objectives, etc. We always prefer to tell a story, we talk about why is your business especial that way you can create a strong link between your business and your potential clients. When you are writing your story ask yourself these questions when did you start your business? Why? Which problems do you solve? What is the story behind the founder?…
  2. Products & services. This kind of document has only one objective: to sell. That’s why it should have a great description of the products or services you are offering. You can talk about the characteristics of your products or services and why they are valuable, think about what your clients need and how your services solve that need.
  3. Successful cases and projects. Showing the projects that were a success it’s always effective. This section can be as well a place where you can show the logos of the brands you have worked with or a place where you show some pictures of your products. That depends on what you are selling and what you have done.
  4. Contact. The final page has to show your contact information to inform the people who they can call if they need more information or to do business. Here you should add the name of the person in charge, their position, their email, and their telephone number. On this part, we like to add a call to action. You don’t just leave the contact information but you tell people what to do after reading the business presentation. The call to action sentence can say “Let´s take a coffee and see how we can collaborate. Call me…” Or “Join our project! Contact us sending an email to…”

I just named some of the essential elements that must have a business presentation, but it depends what kind of business or project you have and the target you have in mind to send it. It could be interesting to add more sections as a Corporate Responsibility Program or a page talking about the manufacturing process if you have an especial one.

I know the content is important, but let’s talk about design!



  1. It shouldn’t be long. I am sure that you will send this business presentation to a lot of busy people so make it easy and fast to read. Use clear and simple sentences.
  2. Arrange the content to make it easy to read. Use a readable font, separate the paragraphs and organize small text blocks, aline them.  Take advantage of the space between lines to make the design cleaner and simpler.
  3. Enlight the important information using bold words. When we are reading, we are normally just scanning the text so enlight the keywords and key sentences using bold font.
  4. Follow your Brand Identity. Use your brand colors, font and personality to design the business presentation. We always put a lot of attention to this document to show the business essence. We try to transmit feelings.
  5. Make it visual. One image worth more than 1000 words and it will make your presentation easier to read so you should use colorful shapes to enlight some paragraphs, graphic designs to show some numbers, pictures about your work, etc. Remember if you want to add numbers they should be important, this kind of information can make your dossier boring and difficult to understand.
  6. PDF format. We are living among technology and I’m sure you will send your business presentation by email so save it as a PDF document. Also, you can use this format to include some links on it and upload it to your website for people to download it.
  7. Optimize it. There are some webs as ILovePDF where you can make your PDF documents lighter and not lose quality. This way, you can send your dossier without worrying if they have received it because is too heavy. 

Follow all the steps above and you will have a quality and effective business presentation to sell your products or services. We love helping you to reach success!

I invite you to download our business presentation where you will see all the details we have been talking about.

Download it now clicking on the button below.

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Business presentation or a pitch deck for your business



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