Creating an outstanding digital brand

Creating a digital brand can be tricky as often people think a brand is just about having a logo but branding is a lot more than that especially when they are looking to have space on the internet in order for people start finding their website.
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In the traditional way of creating a brand, you might need a logo, palette color, and stylebook. These elements are used in corporate documents, media, merchandising, and more in your company. But, when it comes to a digital/online brand these 3 elements are just a tiny part of the things you need to have an outstanding online brand that can be found on Google.

Digital branding

In this post, we are going to explain to you what is a digital or an online brand and we will share as well part of the checklist we have created for you where we will tell you what you need when you create an online brand.
A digital brand is a group of elements that people remember about your business or you, most of the times these elements are hosted on the internet. Your online brand should always happen around your website because that’s a place that belongs to you and you can have control over your content. 
But, what do you need besides what we mention before? The elements we share with you are the same we have used ourselves in Rossscammm to build our brand. When we started Rossscammm we didn’t have any visits in our website literally we started from 0 to 100 visits every month and 3 years later we have grown that number in 7000% also in the beginning our traffic came from social media or links who mentioned us and now 85% of our traffic is organic, this means they find content related to what they are looking in search engines and direct them to our website. This is one of the reasons we always tell our clients they should have a blog where they can create content often.
Here are 5 important elements you can’t forget when creating an online brand.
  1. Name. Without a name, your brand will be lost.
  2. Logo pallet color, and stylebook. This is the creative part of your brand, what people remembers in a fun way. 
  3. Domain. This is the name of your website, this is how people actually find you on the internet. We recommend you to invest in a domain name, it’s not expensive and it gives a very professional look.
  4. Website. Your website is the place where you have all your work featured, previous experience, etc. The people who are looking for you will learn more from you here. 
  5. Keywords. These are 4-6 words that describe your brand.
  6. SEO strategy. This is the information you have to use all over your website and different channels to have a good ranking on Google.
Do you want to see the rest of the list? click in the bottom below and check the ones you have already and make sure you are working with the rest.
Let us know in the comments below what you think about this checklist and if you would add something else

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