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Crowdfunding your Movie

Crowdfunding is a trending topic for entrepreneurs of any kind of sector, as it allows you to raise funds for your projects in a transparent manner. You fight in this way for your dreams and for the money that it is concerned, crowdfunding helps you to achieve a monetary goal where people is the main investor.

But, have you considered whether you could generate funds for the distribution of your film? I’ve always heard cases in which crowdfunding campaigns are made to produce films or short, but few cases I have seen in this solution for distribution, at the end this step is very important to arise if you want your target audience to see your film.

In this post, I will talk about two successful stories where they have used crowdfunding to distribute their films. In the first case, the campaign was launched since the beginning of production of the film, but that gave momentum to be distributed without problems.

1. Lucia the Film 

I found this successful story watching a TED Talk, which explain how the film industry works and how the young filmmakers have a difficult time making their own films because, in the process of asking for investor and actors, everyone wants to change things.

If you want to see the talk, you can click on the video below:


Here, you can hear more about Film Lucia, this is the first film made by crowdfunding in India and has reached thousands of people. They have a very interesting system so you can watch the movie on their own website and something that I really liked was that on their blog all the entries are updated in order to people can see how the process is going and what is happening.

Here, it’s an entry that I really like personally I liked it because the director speaks about the little faith he had towards crowdfunding and eventually he received more than he could have expected.

Project Lucia – Crowd Funding

2. The Discoverers

This case happened in the United States and is similar to the cases of all independent filmmakers, despite going to festivals, win prizes and have a sales agent, they do not find a distributor who wants their film.

After several attempts, they decided to make their own crowdfunding campaign to generate money to distribute the film themselves. I really like this case, since the article where I read, they explain step by step how they did. Practically they publicize their strategy and how they did it. A great achievement for them and a great hope for all we have independent films to knocking on our doors.

You can click in the link below to se further information about the article:

Attention, Filmmakers: Here’s How to Self-Distribute Your Film

Make a crowdfunding campaign is not simply to register in one of the websites dedicated to this and leave it there, you will have to invest time to contact your potential audience to let them know about the project and try to convince them why they have to donate money. You must have direct communication with the public that is helping you and not leave it abandoned.

What these two successful stories coincide is that they have a really complete blog and they have reported all incidents, campaigns, dreams, accomplishments, challenges, etc. The social media both the film and those involved should be sharing what is happening. The public that is involved wants to know and claims to have more information about the projects they are investing their money. So either a coin or thousands, all are supporting the same project , and that project is yours.

What do you think? Are you willing to give it a try to a crowdfunding campaign? Leave a comment below.

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