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Digital marketing for creatives and entrepreneurs


During this amazing course, you´ll learn how, when, and where to promote and sell your brand on the Internet to get as much visibility as possible. Let´s make your talent stand out in a very competitive market oversaturated with information.

Are you a creative or entrepreneur mind who has a fantastic project?

Sure you are, but maybe you don´t know where to start promoting your brand on the Internet to create awareness.

This program has been created for those people who want to start promoting their work on the Internet.

7 modules where we´ll show you step by step how to create a powerful brand and deliver a strong message using the suitable channels. You don´t need to be everywhere, but you do need to have the right tools and be where your target is.

Your talent deserves to be known, and we have the key to make it shine bright on the Internet. Your success is our success.

Shall we start?


After you finish this course:

  • You´ll know how to attract better projects 
  • You´ll be found on the Internet before your competitors
  • You´ll have a memorable brand 
  • Visitors will want to work with you right after visiting your website
  • You´ll have a loyal community
  • You´ll have new international opportunities if you want

The perfect course for people who have the time, but not enough money to hire a digital marketing agency like Rossscammm to do everything for them


10 hours of valuable content where we´ll show you step by step how to build the perfect marketing strategy. Modules:

  • Branding. Let´s create a powerful brand that people will trust and love. It will represent your real mission and goals, also.
  • Pitching. Learn how to sell yourself face to face and when you are publishing content on social media. After finishing this module, you´ll know what to say at every moment.
  • Social media. Discover how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube work so you can get as much visibility as possible.
  • Your website. You´ll see everything that an attractive website can do for your business or project. Also, you´ll know the information you need to share to engage with your audience and get clients.
  • SEO. We´ll show you everything you need to do to be on the first page of Google and other search engines.
  • Online networking and sales. A step-by-step process to find the right people to contact and close a meeting using only the Internet.
  • Online tools. We´ll give you all the tools you need to establish a well-known brand on the Internet and save money and time.
*Digital marketing
*Digital marketing


In addition, you´ll have access to our special templates for free:

  • Branding strategy template
  • SEO strategy template
  • Sales and online networking strategy template
  • Social media strategy template
  • One year content calendar template



You´ll have access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can share your progress, questions, and achievements. Having a group of people that share similar goals by your side is so powerful.


You´ll have access to the Rossscammm team at any moment to solve every question you can have and to help you on your journey. You can contact us via Facebook or email – we´re here to support you.


A bonus 45-minutes session with Rosa or Victoria to talk about your project and address all your questions. You’ll receive personalized professional advice to help you promote your project.


If you want to grow your business in other countries or you´re looking for projects and clients from other countries, this guide will show you everything you need to grow your business internationally.

*Digital marketing

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*Digital marketing for creatives and entrepreneurs

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If you sign up now for the Digital Marketing course for creatives and entrepreneurs, you will have access to a 1-to-1 session with us for 45 minutes. Together, we will see all your doubts, possibilities, and marketing ideas to achieve your goals. So sign up now!


The experts

*about us

Rosa Camero

CEO and founder of Rossscammm

Mexican living in Europe. I started Rossscammm in Madrid, Spain in 2016 and continued my dream in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have been an entrepreneur for the last 5 years, and I have heard countless times “I don’t know how to sell myself”, but the people who learn marketing and how to promote themselves are the ones who succeed.

I studied communication, a master’s in advertising, and I´m specialized in digital marketing by Google and IAB Spain.

I have promoted more than 120 films, and now I help creatives and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams through marketing, strategy, and promotion.

*about us

Victoria García

General Director of Spain and partner of Rossscammm

I´m specialized in digital marketing by Google, IAB, and CEREM School of Business and brand strategy.

I have always been passionate about marketing, and from a very young age, I wanted to dedicate myself to this. Now, at Rossscammm, we help creatives and companies around the world build strong brands to grow their business, which makes me enjoy what I do even more. The best part is meeting those passionate people like us who have so much to share, but they don’t know-how and helping them get out there and gain visibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When we started Rossscammm, all the sales effort was “cold door”, but the moment we focused on digital marketing and optimized our digital channels, good feedback started to arrive and people wanted to know how we had done it.

Thanks to our SEO and digital branding strategy, organizations such as the UN or the British Film Institute have contacted us to work on their programs without us even knowing they existed.

Likewise, those who follow our strategies get results. It is wonderful when they write to you and tell you that a big client has arrived thanks to the new website, or that they do not stop receiving good reviews, or see that they have gone from page 12 of Google to 1 in 3 months.

If you have had problems getting the relevance you want, it´s because you didn´t follow the right strategy. Many people follow the usual strategies that are seen on the Internet, but each project needs an optimized strategy.

This course will teach you to identify your target and create a strategy adapted to your goals to make you feel comfortable.

When you are comfortable with what you do, success is guaranteed!

No, you do not need any previous experience, since we will explain everything so that it is easy to understand and apply.

You will get access to everything forever.

From minute 1, you will have everything you need to start taking action and direct contact with our team.

Not only that, but you will have access to our exclusive community where we will have questions and answers, and you can share your doubts and achievements.

And, if you choose the early bird, you will have a 1 to 1 session with us focused 100% on you and your project.

Only if you want to. We will teach you how to create a paid campaign on social media, but also multiple free options to reach your goals.

Here’s the best part of the course, you set the pace for how fast you want to start taking action. If you want to have everything ready in 1 month or less, you will have all the tools to do it.

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now. 6 months or 1 year from now, you’ll wish you had started today! If you want to open barriers and increase possibilities, the sooner you start, the sooner you will start to see results.

In addition, this course opens once a year, so if you do not enter now, you will have to wait for the next summer.

Today you have this incredible opportunity to stand out and become the expert of reference in your industry!

But not by much!

The only way to save time is by having a system, a step-by-step process, and the right tools.

Imagine, for example, dedicating only 3 hours to create the content for social media for a whole month and still having your profiles constantly active. You can do it!

Remember: the goal of this course is to save time and money.

Do you want to know a secret? The most successful people you look up to are scared every time they take action, but it doesn’t stop them.

The more small steps you take, the easier it becomes, until one day you don´t even notice it.

We have worked with people, brands, and companies from multiple industries with all kinds of offerings and we know that our system works for everyone.

Especially if you are a creative or entrepreneurial person, this course is for you. Because it gives you the confidence you need to get out there and make yourself visible in your industry.

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