Digital marketing for entrepreneurs is for people who are starting a business, want to start a business or they have a business but they don’t know how to market it on the Internet.

This course is also helpful to creative and professionals who want to work in their personal branding and push their careers to their next level.

Rossscammm films and marketing

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Some news: everything you’ve read it’s not true

Digital marketing for entrepreneurs is a course created by Rosa Camero where you will learn the basics of digital marketing. Where to start and which tools to use in order for you to finally be out there and people start noticing you and whatever you have to offer to the world.

People who start a business dream with getting money and freedom but when they start they realize this it is not as easy as they thought in the beginning, but don’t worry because if you follow the right way to build your business and have the right tools, you will see your business and brand grow. 

We will show you how to start, get visibility and reach the right audience. And we can do it because Rosa started this way Rossscammm. In the beginning our company was just her, she made it look big when she was a one-woman company. We will show you those digital tools that helped her to build a strong brand and rank Rossscammm on the first page on Google. 

A practical course where you will find out where you should focus your attention in order for your business to grow because you don’t need to be  everywhere just to be in the right place at the right time.


  • Introduction
  • Checklist of all the tools we use in rossscammm
  • Website
    1. Homepage
    2. Services
    3. Menu
    4. About me
    5. Call to action
    6. Contact
  • Social media management
    1. Hootsuite
  • Networking online
    1. LinkedIn
    2. Shapr
  • Content creation
    1. Defining your topics
    2. Content calendar
  • Questions and answers
Rosa Camero Ceo Rossscammm Films and marketing

Rosa Camero

CEO and founder of Rossscammm 

I am specialized in digital marketing, film promotion, and personal branding. I help others stand out from the crowd and encourage them to share their story. I started Rossscammm 3 years ago and it’s been a personal, professional and spiritual  journey for me. The best decision I have ever made but at the same time the most challenging one.

Originally from Mexico, I have worked for the film industry for more than 10 years and I started my own film distribution company in Spain 3 years ago where I learned how to start a business and how to promote it. Then one year  and a half ago Victoria joined me in this adventure and we decided to focus on marketing, helping entrepreneurs and creative people to stand out from the crowd with the right marketing campaign.

Victoria García

Partner and Chief Operations Officer of Rossscammm 

Specialized in digital marketing by Google, IAB and CEREM Bussines School and branding strategy.

I have worked in the marketing departments of different communication and training companies while carrying out several digital brands of my own, such as the development and management of Antonio Acero and MarDecó´s personal brands and marketing strategy.

Now Rosa and I work helping entrepreneurs, creatives and companies from different countries where we  find the way to help them stand out from the rest and make their brands and business grow. The best part of our work is to get to know those passionate people  that have a lot to share but they don’t know how to go out there so we help them to share their passion and work with the world.

What would you take home?

  • You will learn what your website needs in order for it to look professional and gain people’s trust
  • You will learn social media management with Hootsuite.
  • You will learn how to do networking on the Internet and find clients, opportunities, and collaborations.
  • You will learn how to create content for your social media and website.


  •  Basic
  • Intermediate


  •  5 hours with Rosa and Vicky where you will be able to ask all your questions about marketing and promotion.
  • A print workbook where you will be able to take notes during the course and that includes several templates and checklists as social media schedule and results report, SEO, copywriting… Also, we will send you a digital file for your daily use.
  • A personalized marketing plan that we will build together during our course. This will be exclusive for your business. 
  • A follow up call a month later with Rossscammm team where you will share your wins and doubts after the course.


  •  6.250kr
  • 6.000kr
  • 7.500kr
  • 1.250kr

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9th. June

10.00 h to 15.00h



Address: Æbeløgade 4, 2100 København

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