Distributing in thematic film festivals

Distribution in thematic film festivals

Film festivals season is here and we want to share a special post about it. That is why we contacted Delia Guerra, director of Movibeta a film festival website, to write a collaborative article where she gives us some tips about film festival distribution.

Film directors dream of being selected at a well-known film festival such as Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, or Venetia. They are looking for getting the speed ticket to success in which, once your film is selected, you will be known by the industry.

However, the truth is that a little percentage of film production get in those film festivals. And those that get in normally have famous directors, actors or actress, and a big budget to invest in marketing and publicity.

The good news is that there is some other film festival “niche focussed” although they are unknown by the public this may bring more selections to your films.

After 10 years working at Movibeta, a film festival registration platform, I strongly recommend directors to apply to this kind of film festivals because:

  1. There are more film festivals that you can imagine, just in Spain there are over 300.
  2. Chances of being selected are bigger.
  3. By using film festival platform such as MOVIBETA and searching for that specific film festival is a lot easier.

I can´t include all of the existing thematic film festivals, but when speaking about specific focussed film festival you may find: Adventure/ Sports, Science fiction, Film Noir, Comedy, Student´s film (it may be from university or school), Human Rights, Directed by a woman, Disabilities, Drama, Emigration/ Immigration, Erotic-Sexual, Fantastic, Gastronomy, food, wine, LGBT, Environmental, Social theme, Terror, Thriller, Western

Also I can not list some of the film festivals where the film´s director must be a woman or are looking for women’s theme:

  • Women in scene award (Spain)
  • Short films for equality (Spain)
  • Short films for diversity (Spain)
  • Dona I Cinema (Spain)
  • Film in Women (Colombia)
  • International Festival For The Equity Of Gender Women In Focus (Chile)
  • Blessed You (Argentina)

Right now, we collaborate with 800 film festivals and I work every day managing film inscriptions and selections and I always suggest on segmentation, to try to get in other more specific subject films festivals will amplify your possibilities to win.

Finally, I invite you to try our website where we will guide you about what film festival is better for your film. For example, there is a film festival about athleticism in San Sebastian where it is commendatory to be if you have a film about it.

Thanks to Movibeta about this great article. if you want to know more about them or subscribe your films, click on the image below.


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