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Embrace Your Hybrid Identity

@Victoria Garcia, partner and general manager of Spain, recently coined a great term to describe the role a lot of our clients and members of our filmmaking communities identify with: a hybrid identity. She is referring to the ability of many artists and creatives to wear several different hats – often many, simultaneously. 

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For example, it’s not unusual for filmmakers to identify as the director of a project, as well as the writer or producer. In the United States, the current trend seems to be to describe anyone working multiple roles on a screen project as simply: “filmmaker”. Another take on capturing this phenomenon is the Australian version: the “slashie”. The colloquialism refers to the grammar symbol of the slash “/” that separates/unifies different roles under one profile  e.g. writer/producer or director/actor.

Often disparate though complementary skills are lumped together in this way. It takes an insider or peer to understand the unique qualities you bring to a project. If you have credits as a screenwriter/producer this can be perceived as that you have both an understanding of and skills in storytelling, as well as a pragmatic and practical approach to logistics and budgeting. Being an all-rounder is probably the rule rather than the exception these days anyway. Whether in a creative field or otherwise.

So: hybrid identity, artist, filmmaker, slashie… what does it really matter what label you apply to yourself?

The reason we’re talking about it here is that it’s often a question that comes up from our clients. When they are trying to create an online profile that’s reflective of their personal brand it can cause confusion. And having a recognizable brand is not only important for whatever project/s you’re currently working on, but it’s also crucial in ensuring your future success. After all, if no-one knows what you do and if no-one can find you via Google or another search engine, how are you going to be able to connect with them? Perhaps embracing a hybrid identity that reflects ALL of what you do is the answer.

We can help you to develop your personal brand and take your career to the next level. Go Hybrid – Go!

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