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What is film distribution consultancy?

This is our last post of the year 2017, time flies so fast and we just want to remind you that we are with you during the process of making a film. That’s why we would like to share with you this service we have just for you.

Consultancy or consultation is the term we use to help filmmakers and creatives people to know more about film distribution and its process. It is a type of “coaching” for filmmakers who like to do things for themselves and want to know more about the process through which their film goes through until they reach a final audience.

Film distribution consultancy

We offer you consulting service, we have it available in our online store, where you can reserve the time you need to understand what would be the process for your film after finishing the postproduction process and you are ready to show your film to the world either in festivals, the film shows or you just want to get in contact with film distributors.

Frequent questions

  1. What is the normal percentage when distributing a movie? The division of percentages is divided like a cake between exhibitor (cinemas), which takes most of the box office percentage, between 50% and 60%. The rest is divided between distributors and filmmakers.
  2. Where to find a distributor? Distributors can be found in film festivals, the more important the festival or market is, the more likely to see more concentration of film distributors and sales agents. You can read more about where to find distributors here.
  3. How to get a distributor? Apart from presenting you or your project to festivals, it does not matter if your film has been chosen or not, you must be there and offer your project. You can also contact them, for a first meeting, through the internet. All distributors have a website and their contact information is a few clicks away.
  4. Is it necessary to have a budget for distribution and marketing? Yes, you must take this issue into account, independently, if you find a distributor or not. Why? because it’s difficult the distributors invest 100% in a project, especially in these times. As the investment in production is important, the distribution is important as well and should be among your plans.
  5. Can I self-distribute my film? Of course, times are changing and the “traditional distribution” is not the only way, so I like to call it. Now, films can go directly to VOD and other alternative platforms to reach their audience. You can read more about this, here.
  6. Can I promote my film since I am producing my film? Yes, in fact, we recommend this when we talk to filmmakers. Take into account the marketing and promotion of your project from the beginning and your filming, even since you have the script. This way you are creating your own community when the DNA of the project is discovered.

If you have more questions and/or want to know more about these or other subjects, you can contact us, we can advise you.

Do you have other questions? Comment below so we can answer you.

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