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Film Distribution and Marketing

Film distribution and marketing always go hand in hand. A process that many think should start when the film is already done and out of post-production, but the reality is another. This process should go together with production.

Film Distribution

Film distribution should be in the process of creating a movie, most of the time this is not taken into account. Many filmmakers are worried about the production, post-production, etc. But when it comes time to let the movie get known, they don’t know how to do it. Ideally and the perfect scenario for any kind of movie would be to find a distributor or an international sales agent who does all the work.

This is changing and the picture for the independent filmmaker is much more encouraging theses days. Especially today that they can find more opportunities to release a movie. From the classic film distribution in movie theaters with a strategy of communication and public relations to a smaller release only on VOD platforms.

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Film Marketing

Although we are always talking about film distribution also, marketing is an essential part of this process, the marketing strategy is what will define the movie and people will look for, will want to know more about it and would like to see the film wherever it is present.

When you finish a movie and it arrives at any type of screen as a final window. It has already had a tour either in festivals, film shows, or an organized screening for potential sponsors or audiences that can help publicize the film. This is also part of the distribution and sales strategy.

For this reason, I recommend you start doing some marketing from the production phase, this strategy can be divided into phases, since, it is not the same when the movie goes to a festival or if it is a screen in a place that is not related to culture. Now, I will be talking about something different if it is a distribution in cinemas or even a premiere on VOD platforms.

Here I leave some tips about marketing:

  1. Define the target of your movie as soon as possible, so you can have the correct strategy for each place where the film is presented and so you know in advance who is likely to be interested.
  2. Use the tools that the world of the internet offers for free such as, social media. A twitter profile or a Facebook page comes in handy, as long as you commit to posting content. If you have your profiles abandoned, it is better to close them, this gives a very poor or bad image.
  3. Having a website where you can host the project, it does not have to be a website of the film itself but it can be a website where you host your projects or any of the production companies that are involved or a landing page so that people can look for information, this can bring opportunities to you just by having this on the internet.
  4. Taking photographs of the film and the actors in good resolution, many times, this is forgotten and when the promotion of the film comes, it is essential to have high-quality material. You will thank me next time you are asked for pictures of your project and you can actually say, yes I have.

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