The Film Distribution Process

The Film Distribution Process

Film Distribution process begins when you have decided you want people to see your movie. This is the process that makes your film go from private to public and this way people will see your product finished in cinemas or any other distribution platform.

You have finished a great movie, it is so spectacular that you want to share it with the world but hey! wait, how is this done?. Do not worry, you will be given a small guide where you can see what you have to do after you have finished your movie.


This stage most filmmakers know it, but sometimes, instead of focusing on getting distributor they focus on winning thousands of prizes. These events are to show your movie and to talk with people of the industry to see how opportunities your movie has to get distribution, this is the opportunity all filmmaker wants.

Remember that winning awards are important because these will make people turn their heads to see your movie but it is more important to distribute your movie in a professional and serious way. My advice is: Do not take it to all the festivals you find, take it to the most important and then you plan a good theatrical release or any platform you want.

Film festivals are a window for sales to the  different films presented there. So if you went to some selected major festival or not, take full advantage of meeting with producers and distributors guild.


For some reason or another, a distributor was very interested in your film and you manage your film to be selected and they will distribute it at a national or regional level or whatever the case. Keep still and don’t  jump of excitement because here only begins a long and tedious or a short and easy negotiation, but you always have to be aware of what you get and be at least 90% in accordance with the contract you’re going to sign.

By agreeing the two sides, now all arrangements will start in order to release the movie to the public.

Self Distribution

This would be the fear of many filmmakers and they think that if they don’t have the support of a distributor they may never show their film, but this is totally false. Sure you can! maybe it will be more work and you will have to learn new things but you can always surround yourself with experts who are dedicated to this. Ask everything you don’t understand and fortunately, there is a lot of information on the internet to guide you.

In another post, we’ll talk more about the different steps to follow when you decide to self-distribute.

You can read a little bit more about the words more used in the distribution world:

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  1. Tyler Johnson

    That is a good idea to try and win some awards at festivals. That would definitely help you get some attention. I’ll have to consider submitting my film to some festivals if I decide to create one and distribute it.

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