Movie Women

Film Women

Talent in 6 short films

The 8th of March, 2018 we celebrate Women's International Day, where we cheer up talented women who work in the film industry. A talent that nowadays is not as visible as it deserves. 

A film show where we will project 6 short films directed and/or produced by amazing women who devote their time and creativity to this film world. 

A project fill of dream and love where you will enjoy not just the films but you will meet with the filmmakers where we will have a talk. 

Help us to spread our message and don´t miss this event!

Do you want to know what you will watch?

Forgetfulness by Rebeca Sanchéz López (7 min.)

Lui doesn´t know why he arrived to Forgetfulness station, but it seems like no more trains will run. In a lonely landscape where things doesn´t seem being in their right place, Lui will find some peculiar people who will help him to remember who is he and why he is there.

Pornowitches by Andrea Gautier (20 min.)

Andrea, Paula, Ivy and Ana just played in a small music festival in Levante. Paula´s parents have an apartment close to that town and decide to stay there. But they don't have an idea what will happen that night...

The Heat Wave de Lucía Valverde (20 min.)

A comedy about Europe´s clichés trougth a story about a German-Spanish couple that lives in Luxemburg. A heat wave and the first father in law´s visit are a mix in this story.

Push 0 by Raquel Gomez Troyano and Montse Bodas (8 min.)

"Push 0" show a real story, an old woman misunderstand her voice mail. Dedicated to those old people that live alone and fight everyday to smile. A short film that won the best performance award in the Madrid Film Festival. 

Like in the Movies by Marta Barrios López (7 min.)

Miguelón is a disabled person who lives in his own world where there are just two things, football and the pure and inocent love that he feels for his neigthbour María. She feels a big affection about Miguelón but she needs a a change in her life and decides to leave, however something happens the last day before she leaves that shake their feelings. 

I want to be a director movie by Andrea Casaseca (8 min.)

The confession from a daugther to her family and the unspected (maybe not that unspected) reactions from their. 

  • Versions: Spanish
  • Original title: Film Women. Talent in 6 short films 
  • Original language: Spanish, English
  • Direction: Andrea Gautier, Lucía Valverde, Rebeca Sanchéz López, Marta Barrios Loópez, Andrea Casaseca, Raquel Gomez Troyano and Montse Bodas.

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