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What is Films Distribution?

The movie distribution is the time when a movie is at, this time, is in between of post-production and exhibition (movie theaters), at this time is when directors and producers of the movie negotiate percentages, how many copies they want to lounge and marketing budget, etc.

What is films distribution?

Throughout my professional career when people ask me what do I do for a living, I have always ended up explaining roughly where it is what I do in the movie industry. Films distribution is easy to explain but it is not something that all people know it exists.

As I explain: this stage is when you have finished the movie, this means that you have finished post-production and now is time to put it in movie theaters. For this, you need to find a distribution company to get they negotiate with movie chains.

Basically, distribution is divided into two parts: 1. It’s the part that is called ‘sales’, I haven’t quite understood why is called ‘sales’ because there’s negotiation or programming but not money, but it is true that they are close to sales because they need to find space for the movie and demonstrate their product has potential. Also, they are in charge of copies and move them among movie theaters.

On the other hand, it is marketing department the one who is in charge of the movie promotion. Here everything related to advertising, public relations, communication, and promotions. What they do is to get that movie known by people and get the audience for these productions. Ahead we will talk more about the things we can get with marketing or just to present your movie with the press.

This is the classic films distribution system, but now, with all the digital platforms and great ideas in between for distribution, I am sure there’s a way to do it yourself, you just need an expert to help you out to get it done, like us in RosssCammm films distribution consultancy

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