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Films: Optimism towards changes and new technologies

New technologies and changes have been discussed in recent years, many people think that this is just a wave of transition many others think this has come to stay but are we taking advantage of these changes?

Last week I had the opportunity to be present at San Sebastian Films Festival where I attended to different panels and round tables where the industry had the opportunity to listen to different points of view.

One of the topics most mentioned during this 64th festival edition was the term VOD (video on demand) where many of the people agree and they see opportunity in this window, only in 10 years it has almost wiped out the DVD,  and those who do not like this new window.

This was what European Film Forum and Europa Distribution wanted to show us in these different panels where they talked about audiences and VOD. Some of the questions that poped up here were: How can we understand these new audiences that are surrounded by technology, internet, and content?, How can we make VOD a tool as a truly profitable business?

As any panel or conference were people in favor and against, but I can say I saw more people against it and I do understand because this is an industry that has not undergone fast changes during its existence, which in the 60’s faced the TV, then digitizing copies in the 2000’s and now gradually VOD is opening the doors. In less than 10 years has undergone sudden changes and this scares anyone, especially those who have been in films for many years, customs and routines are heavy and this is difficult to change the overnight.

Although this is difficult, isn’t it better to see the positive side of these changes?. New technologies are not our enemy, and if you want, it can make our lives easier. I have worked in the traditional films distribution for a long time and I understand it perfectly, but I realized that technology and especially social media have an important role in this new era, these changes have taught me to value technology and everything we can do with it to create a brand and to give relevance to the content.

While important business men that have been in this industry all their lives, they can see VOD as a threat to their business, others have managed to make the most out of this new technology such as the NRK Norwegian broadcasting corporation and its success SKAM, an internet series for teenagers that has become viral on the web in Norway. Marianne Furevold-Boland executive producer showed us how successful the series is and how she feels optimistic about the changes that are happening, she spoke with particular emphasis on understanding the final consumer.

For now, in RosssCammm Films Distribution Consultancy we are with Marianne and we welcome the digital content, new technologies and tools that can make us grow both personally, and professionally, and you, what’s your point of view of this new era?

I am optimistic, I know! 🙂

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