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Your film is not for everyone, find your target

“I don´t have a specific target as my film is for everyone!” At Rossscammm, we regularly hear our clients repeat this phrase over and over again – from beginners to super experienced producers. Possibly they say this in the misguided belief that it will keep all their options open for their film. But it is not true. There is no way a film is for everyone because each person is different and has their own unique interests.

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Promoting a film as a distributor

The truth is, that by clinging to this falsehood you risk burning both yourself and your options out. This is because different targets require different messaging and different marketing actions. Whether you are promoting an action film, a drama, or a horror film makes a huge difference. They all have different targets. But not only that, within each genre exists several tiers of sub-genre or niche audiences that can potentially connect with your film.

When you are promoting films in the major leagues such as Hollywood blockbusters or Disney films, standard practice is to look back at prior releases and see what worked and what didn’t for their films, so they don’t repeat their mistakes.

For independent and majors distributors this analysis is called “competitive” – where they collect the data of similar films to the film they need to promote. For example, independent film house art distributors know that their films are not a competition for blockbusters. Why? Because it is well known that people who like commercial movies are not attracted to independent films. Yes, of course, you can find exceptions to this rule but the majority of blockbuster fans will admit that they don’t like independent or low budget films.

Finding the target for your film

The good news is that you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. By studying the distributors who are experts in selling and promoting films you can come up with a marketing strategy purpose-built for your film. Bespoke in the way only you can make it.

Listed below are some essentials you need to take into account when finding your target:

  • What genre is your film? If your film is a comedy or romance, it is well know that women are more attracted to these kinds of films, while action or suspense movies are generally more attractive to men.
  • How old are your main characters? People connect with people closer to their own age. This means your target may feel connected to your main character, they can even feel connected to the actor/actress who is playing the role in your film.
  • How big is your film? As a producer/filmmaker you know what the budget is for your film. This is what defines the size of your film. If it’s a low budget feature then it is an author film or independent film and, as we mentioned earlier, there is a distinct target interested in these films.
  • What is the story behind your film? Perhaps your film examines immigration, politics, drugs? Then there are certain people interested in these topics as well.

Do you remember the process of signing up for a new social media app or a dating site? They asked you about your interests and what you like because they need to know what content to show you: this is the same for your film. You need to have a very defined main target to know where to place your film. This will help you to know where to promote your film, how to promote it, what to say, and how to say it. The way you decide to promote your film depends on this because a different strategy and tone of voice will be required for addressing a kid, a teenager, or an adult – and of course, even an adult audience can be divided into women, men, trans, LGTB, etc.

Would you like to know how to get your target right? You can have a marketing strategy session with us, where you will learn how to get your target right and how to promote your film in the right way. This translates to more interest and more views from your target, and more income and visibility for your film.

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