5 tips to build your personal branding

5 tips to build your personal branding

Personal branding is a two-word expression that has become a concept of marketing in recent years. These are a series of actions that have to be taken into account in order to have a positive impact on your presence online and even offline. But what are these actions? and how can you have them done?

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What is personal branding?

Personal branding is the mark you leave at your pace, in every interaction, every eye to eye contact… and it is built by those characteristics of an individual that makes him/her unique and different. It is the mixture of values, tools, skills, and personality that make a person stand out.

This tactic was discovered a few years ago to find a job when people needed reinventing themselves and stand out from the rest.

According to the balance website ” Personal Branding is how people remember you. It’s more than a trademark; it is how you present yourself online and offline to potential clients and customers. Your brand builds your business, but it still centers around you as an individual”. Nowadays usual does not attract, the most important is looking for singularity.

How to create a personal brand?

Are you ready to stand out and show the best of you? Let get down to work and highlight all those qualities that make you different and special. Because we are all different and what you offer, nobody else has. The only thing you have to do for the world to know is to share your amazing message.

Here you can find some very simple steps to follow, this way you can work on it.

  1. Identify what you want to say and build your message. Whether you want to highlight your career, your professionalism, your way of seeing life, and/or your expertise your values, or whatever facet of you that you think makes you special, you have to define how to share it and where. Build a strong and motivating message, nobody will be able to speak better in your work than yourself.
  2. Work your biography. Your personal brand works just like the corporate image of a large company and all the details have to be taken care of every detail, especially what you share as a biography. Have you heard about storytelling? This will be your own story and it must reflect and be able to transmit your values and qualities. So this must be the official message that must be everywhere.
  3. Take care of your social media. The Internet is the sneak of school and it has all the information about you at the click range. That´s why you should take care of your digital mark because although your LinkedIn profile looks very professional your Facebook profile is not taken care of in the same way, this can mess up your brand, even cause you problems. Remember: all social networks are a channel of communication towards your personal brand.
  4. Host all your work and experience in one place. Instead of having links that lead to your different projects and works, I advise to have everything in one place and offer them easily. So the person who is interested in you and your work can see every detail of what you have done in only one place.
  5. Have a logo. As I told you before, you are a brand with legs, arms, and hands. The first aspiration of a personal brand is to be memorable, you want to be memorable, so what is better than a simple and specific image that reflects all you stand for with only one glance? It can be your name or your logo, an image, or typography, the most important is it splurges personality and defines you as a person.

You are all set and with these tips, you should be able to define and launch your personal brand. What are you waiting for? Now is the best moment.

Do you have any doubts? leave a comment below.

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  1. Absolutely the best article on personal branding I’ve come across. Lots of great ideas in there that people would be wise to take note of. Thank you so much for this article!

  2. Tyler Johnson

    That’s a good idea to have a logo. I would think that would be something that people could recognize. I’ll have to consider designing one of those.

  3. Praveen Kumar

    This is the first blog post where I am seeing Logo as a part of personal branding? Can you clear my doubt by elaborating how can Logo help in improving a person’s personal brand?

    1. Hi Praveen,

      A logo will make your personal brand real and stronger. A logo is not just an icon it represents your personality, what you want to transmit to the rest of the world. The colors or images you use, the way you talk or write, everything leaves a feeling. It is like a print, and it means to have a strategy.

      I hope I helped you.

  4. This guide is really on point and they are very practical for beginners. I would love to read more from you in the future. Thanks so much.

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