Having a distribution strategy can change the future of your film

At the end of 2018, we had a call with one of our clients. She wanted a distribution strategy for her documentary. We set up a call, we sent her some questions, we saw all the information about her project and then we talked with her and what she wanted to do.

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The film distribution consultancy call

When we jumped into the call, our client was ready to give her work for free.

Her plan was to upload her documentary to YouTube because she wanted as many people to see her work. She wanted to share her idea/the topic with the world. She thought she couldn’t make any money out of her documentary but something inside her convinced her to buy a one-hour consultation with us and plan a distribution strategy for her project.

We talked about what she wanted and we shared with her what we normally do with feature film distribution. We noticed a certain rejection of the plan but we asked her to wait to release her documentary online at least 6 months and go with the plan we gave her.

During our call, one of her blocks we noticed was she didn’t think people could pay to see her documentary, she thought she wouldn’t make any money with it and at the same time, she couldn’t ask for money either. So part of her strategy was to let the documentary go to film festivals and she would ask for money if it was accepted.

A few months later, she wrote to us where she said a film festival had accepted her documentary and also they have accepted to pay for her accommodation and travel expenses. 

Public relations campaign

A few months later we launched an offer for a mini public relations and publicity campaign because we want to support indie filmmakers and creatives who have their projects but when it is on the open-air nobody knows about their work.

So, our client decided to buy this offer and invested in her documentary, she believed in what we have told her during our call and also she trusted and committed herself to this project and her distribution strategy.

We sent a press release about her documentary and she was published in a few important media outlets but the second time we sent the press release to communicate the documentary was going to be released in Madrid, we received an email from one of the best and recognized Film radio show in Spain asking for an interview with her. 

Learning process

In the end, our client got a lot more of what she was expecting from her documentary. Here we do a list of the things she achieved during this process.

  1. She received awards from the film festivals that the documentary went to.
  2. She asked one of the film festivals that had invited her to talk during the screening to pay for her accommodation and travel expenses, and they did pay.
  3.  She got invited to one of the most important film radio show in Spain that it wouldn’t have had happened if she wouldn’t have paid for that mini PR campaign with us.
  4. Her documentary is playing in different movie theaters around Spain and she is negotiating the ticket sales.

She has dared to go beyond and trust other people to give her advice and wait patiently for the results.

Perhaps a consultancy call might seem expensive for you now but if you count all the things our client got with just 2 small investments. It is worth every cent you spend.

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You can explore more about this documentary here: “Freedom to Love”

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