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Headphones, new ways of enjoying movies

When I think of headphones, I think about listening to music when I ‘m traveling or going from place to another. Maybe for gamers can be more normal but can you imagine yourself to watch a movie in a movie theater with headphones?. I would use headphones if there is a lot of noise at home or wherever I am.


Wait! why do I speak about headphones? Well, because this week was the opening of Cibeles Film Festival that is celebrated in the middle of the Madrid summer. For 8 weeks you will find a fantastic programming that can be another option to change a little your summer routine and the summer in the city can become more likable.

Actually, I am not going to talk a lot about the festival but I do really want to share with you the way they show movies, which is a different and original way. The assemblage of the movie screen is done in a big courtyard inside the Palacio de Cibeles a landmark building in the heart of Madrid.

cibeles de cine



You could say that it’s an ordinary projection, where you can find the screen, chairs, and video but what about the audio?. This is where the experience begins because you listen to the movie through a wireless headphones you get there. This gives you the feeling that there are only yourself and the big screen, This is great!. You are not able to hear any noise that does not belong to the movie, this means you can’t hear the person next to you munching popcorn or whoever likes to talk during the movie. I have to confess, I am one of those and yesterday I could not share any silly comments, I was sad! : P
cibeles de cine3

The headphones had a very good sound and practically I had the film in my ears. This time, I enjoyed the film differently, it was more personal as if you were at home by yourself.

While I was enjoying the film, also I got inspired by carrying out new events, which not only include traditional cinemas or screening rooms but gardens, forests, parks, etc. can also be used for this type of screening. I love this kind of inspiration because I feel that there are no limits when it comes the time to be creative and develop new things.

I am sure there are others festivals, screenings as much as cool as this one, maybe in another country or city where the cinema is lived differently. Tell me in the comments below which ones you have seen and which do you like the most?.

cibeles de cine2

For the moment, I will keep exploring more and more films.

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