The questions about short films distribution process are a topic of special interest, at least at Rossscammm Films & Marketing. A lot of filmmakers ask for our help because they don’t know exactly what to do with the amount of information they get and which steps they must follow for the correct distribution of their short films.

That is why we are talking about this topic in today’s post collaboration with FilmFestFriend From this film distribution platform, Cristina López gives you the best tips for your short film to get into film festivals. So, go on reading, don´t miss them!

Have you just finished your short film and you are wondering how and when, to begin with, the distribution process of your short film?

If so, you must stop at this point and take your time, but you should be aware that the year of production of your short film will start after your short film´s public premiere screening.

Efficient strategy

This is very important because it is going to decide the life of your short film and its possibilities of distribution, due to the fact that most film festivals have film production deadlines as a submission requirement.

It is also very important for you to be objective and impartial enough to know what to expect from your short film that it may be eligible for certain national and international awards. Unsurprisingly, you may think that your short film may win an award because of the time and effort you have expended in making a film of good quality.

To have a more objective and wider perspective of your short film, the first thing we recommend you to do is to make some private screenings of your short film to a reliable audience who can give you a realistic and honest feedback.

To do this, you should elaborate a questionnaire to help you define the target of your film as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your work. That is the usual way to work on the film distribution and something very important to take into account in the short film industry.

The next step would be to start with the distribution process. To set a distribution strategy is not an easy task. You should bear in mind all the aspects mentioned and which film festivals you want your film to get into, according to its characteristics. To do this, you must take into account two basic aspects:

▪If the film festivals you want to submit your short film to demand national, international, regional or no premiere at all.

▪To choose film festivals according to the features of your short film, whether it is better to attend specialized or non-specialized short films.


A lot of professionals may say that thinking about which kind of film festivals you should submit to is an important matter. From FilmFestFriend we do think that it is an important issue to keep in mind because competing with similar works can be an advantage for your short film and it can also increase the chances of getting an award.

To sum up, we recommend you to follow up the next steps:

  1. Making an audience survey to see which opinions your short film generates and help you set a customized distribution strategy.
  2. Keeping in mind that from your work premiere onwards, the time to submit to different film festivals starts counting down.
  3. Establishing the film festivals you want to submit to and get informed about their premiere requirements. After that, keep on submitting to the film fests your work best suits.
  4. Do not miss the opportunity to submit to specialized film festivals if you have an animated short film or a work dealing with topics like social equality, recycling, etc. Although you may at first think they are minor film fests, your work may have more chances and acknowledgement in them.

Finally, don´t forget to get an advantage of the tools you may have at your disposal to manage your film distribution strategy to film fests, mainly if they offer free submission. A good example of these tools is FilmFestFriend´s browser which makes an exhaustive search, filtering more than 1,100 film fests from our database, so that you can choose the film festivals which best suit your short film enabling submission cost reduction.


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    1. Thanks a lot for sharing and your comment, we are delighted to know that this blog is useful for you as that is its mission. Best!

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    It is true specialized film festival focused in one topic are great.

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