How to create a dossier or a pitch deck?

Updated post: This is our number 1 post entry in our blog, hurra! and we have made some changes in the dossier/pitch deck you can download. We transformed more like a guide that way you can see how you can do it but feel free to change it if you need to.

Dossier, Pitch deck, Brochure

Dossier or also known as a brochure or pitch deck is a document that collects information about our project and we use it when we want to present it, especially when we are looking for investors, collaborators, distributors or simply to let people know about the project.

In this post, we are going to tell you how to do it and also at the end of this article, you will be able to find a guide of a dossier/pitch deck that we want to share with you in order for you to create your own presentations and when you have the budget you hire us for the marketing plan.

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When you present a dossier or a pitch deck is because you want to get something from the other part. This is why is super important your document communicate seriousness and professionalism. You want to let people who are reading your document that is a project that they can trust.

Here you can find several steps to follow:

1. Open a blank document, it could be a powerpoint or if you know something about design you could use Photoshop or InDesign. the design counts a lot. Another tool that can help you with design and it’s for free is canva.
2. If you know more about design, you can put background images, such as watermarks, if the design is not your thing, it is better to leave the background blank, leave it sober and give it some design with typography and titles, you can even put some photos but very discrete.

3. In the first sheet, about the project. Introduction to the project.

4. On the second sheet, synopsis.

5. On the third sheet, the storyline. What is the story about, what is the project about

6. In the following sheets, you will develop the project, if it is a production dossier, you will tell what you want to do in the movie, where it will be shot/recorded, characters, etc. If it is a dossier for a distributor, you can put a long synopsis, fun facts about the movie, etc.

7. On the next page, after you have finished developing the project, you will write a director’s biography and if you consider that somebody else is relevant to the project you should mention him/her. Most of the times it’s the director’s bio.

8. Don’t forget to add the datasheet of the project. You can find more about how to create a professional and nice datasheet here.

8. In the final page, you will write the contact information. Name, position (how you are related to the project), email, phone, website or LinkedIn profile.

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Now, you can click on the following link to download our an example of a dossier (guide). A very simple but effective dossier for you to use for your projects and have an idea of what you should put on it.


Do you need professional help with the dossier? No problem! We can design and create it for you. We also design posters and we can be in charge of all your marketing campaign.

Creation and design of dossier

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