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How to design a dossier or a pitch deck plus downloadable template by Rossscammm Films and marketing

How to create a pitch deck?

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Pitch Deck or slide deck

The pitch deck, also known as a slide deck is a document that collects information about your project for you to use when you want to present it, especially when you are looking for investors, collaborators, distributors, or you simply want to let people know about the project. In this post, you will learn how to create a pitch deck for your project.

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When you present a pitch deck it is because you want to get something from the other party. This is why it is really important that your document communicates seriousness and professionalism. You want to tell people who are reading your document that it is a worthy project that they can trust.

Here you can find several steps to follow:

1. Open a blank document, it could be a PowerPoint, or, if you know something about designing, you could use Photoshop or InDesign. The design is very important. Another tool that can help you with designing (and it’s free) is Canva.

2. If you know more about design, you can put background images, such as watermarks. But, if design is not your thing, it is better to leave the background blank, leave it sober and give it some design with typography and titles. You can even include some photos, but very discreetly. We have received several dossiers where images make the text really hard to read and, let’s be sincere, the design will attract the attention, but the text is what will convince them, that will make them love your project.

3. The first sheet should be to show the title. You can add some more relevant information as the author or the producer company. It’s important to know that this cover is not a poster. The poster will be designed later, and it will be modified several times.

4. On the second sheet, add the synopsis. A short paragraph, a maximum of two, about the story. One tip: leave them wanting more.

5. On the third sheet, add the storyline. What is the story about, what is the action, the way it is going to evolve…

6. In the following sheets, you will develop the project. If it is a production dossier, you will tell what you want to do in the movie, the technical and aesthetic development, where it will be shot/recorded, characters, etc. If it is a dossier for a distributor, add the film goals, the target, the marketing, and the commercial strategy… think about the future and give them some numbers.

7. After you have finished developing the project, you will write about the people who are developing the project. Add the biography of the director, the producer, the scriptwriter… every profile that is relevant for the project. Most of the time, it is the director’s bio.

8. Don’t forget to add the datasheet of the project. You can find more about how to create a professional and nice datasheet here.

8. The final page is one of the most important ones. Add the contact information so people will know who to contact if they are interested. Add the name, position (how you are related to the project), email, phone, website, or LinkedIn profile.

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