How to do online networking

Networking, what is this? If you want to grow your career or your business you need to know the right people so, in the beginning, the success you have depends on who you know.

Your network is the circle of people around you that you know first hand and they remember you such as friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues. The idea is to grow your network and the only way of doing it is meeting new people, so this is called networking.

But, how do you actually do networking? and most importantly how you do it when you are busy all the time and you don’t have time to attend events in the evening or weekends because you have a family or thousand things to do.

Easy, you moved your networking from offline to online.

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First, I will start explaining how normal networking works, how do you do it? Well, normally when you want to do networking is because you want to meet more people related to your industry or career, you want to find projects, clients, collaborations or something exciting for your career in the near future.

So, when you want to do networking, you attend events and activities where you are able to meet new people, you can find thousands of events on Facebook or Meetup where you choose the type of group you are interested, you can find all kinds of things.

It’s great when you can attend these events but when you don’t have time and you want to save time and money to know more people, you can do it online, you can use the Internet for meeting new interesting people. This is easy and we have done in Rossscammm so, this is a proven method.

I usually use 3 apps to do online networking:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Shapr

The 2 first apps everyone know but Shapr one is not known and it’s so good, I have used it for about half of year and I have met very interesting people plus I have closed clients there. I completely recommend it.

The secret of a successful online networking is that you need to get the people you want to meet out of any social media platform and have a call, I call it virtual coffee because this is like drinking a coffee with someone but instead of being in a coffee shop you are at your place connected to your Skype, Whatsapp, etc. meeting new people.

You just need to give it a try and start meeting people online. 

We are part of Shapr affiliation program, this means if you download the app with the link we have shared in this post, we will earn a small amount of money but we trust completely this app and we wouldn’t recommend anything we haven’t used before.

Networking is so important these days that it’s necessary to improve the way we communicate in this era. We need to embrace the change and get used to the new technology. 

We even have a community in Shapr, you can find us as #Rosssscammm, join us! and let’s connect.




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