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How to do Online Networking

Good networking skills are essential to growing your career or your business. You need to know the right people to connect with – potential clients, peers (for collaborations, endorsement and referrals), mentors, industry gatekeepers, and individuals with resources complimentary to your business model that you can tap into.

We’re probably all familiar with the old war slogan “…It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Even though the what – your skill base, experience and area of expertise do matter, the only way to find a platform to utilize these assets is by engaging with others. Connections matter. And the right connections can open doors for you.

So, how can you get the right connections? And, what exactly is networking?

To begin with, realize that you already have a network. Your network is the circle of people around you that you know first hand – such as friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues. Even if you’re a total hermit you will still have a social network, even if it’s just your mom and dad, or your cat! The idea is to grow this network and the only way to do this is by meeting new people. This is called networking.

All right, but how do you get to meet new people when you are busy all the time and don’t have time to attend events in the evening or on weekends because you have a family or a thousand things to do?

Easy, you move your networking from offline to online.

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First, let’s explain how traditional networking works:

Usually the motivation for networking is to meet more people related to your industry or career and to find projects, clients, collaborations or something exciting for your career in the near future.

In the offline world attending networking events like festivals and conventions are great ways to meet new people. Attending these kinds of events can quickly introduce new members to your circle of acquaintances. It’s great when you can attend these events, but when you don’t have time and you want to save money to know more people, you can do it online.

Yes, you can use the internet to meet new and interesting people. It’s easy! At Rossscammm we have expanded our own network online, so this is our proven method. You can find literally thousands of events on Facebook or Meetup where you get to choose the type of group you are interested in.

We usually use 3 apps for our online networking:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Shapr

You are probably already familiar with the first 2 apps, but Shapr is not as well known and it’s so good. We have been using Shapr for about half a year and have met very interesting people. Plus, we have closed client deals using this app and we completely recommend it.

The secret of successful online networking is to get the people you want to meet from any social media platform and engage with them on a one-to-one basis. Schedule a call – we call it a “virtual coffee” (because it’s like meeting up for a coffee with someone but instead of being in a coffee shop you are at your place) connected to your Skype, Whatsapp, etc. for the meeting.

You just need to give it a try and start meeting people online. 

Disclaimer: We are part of a Shapr affiliation program. This means if you download the app with the link we have shared in this post, we will earn a small amount of money. But we trust this app completely and wouldn’t recommend anything we haven’t used before for Rossscammm.

Networking is so important these days that it’s necessary to improve the way we communicate in this era. We need to embrace the change and get used to the new technology. 

We even have a community in Shapr, you can find us as #Rosssscammm, join us! Let’s connect.

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