How to write a datasheet for your film

How to write a Datasheet

It´s difficult to think about a film without thinking in its poster, its trailer, and its datasheet as well because they are 3 essential elements that must have every film project.

When specialized film websites write about a film they never forget to add the datasheet, in fact, it´s the first element that you can see close to the poster. You can find many examples of this in IMBD, Filmaffinity, even in our website.

Don´t stop reading and find out why the datasheet is so important and what kind of elements can´t be missing in it. Also, at the end of the post, you will find an editable free template you can use to do your own datasheet easily.

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What is a datasheet?

A film datasheet is a document that collects all the basic information about a movie. It acquires special relevance when we talk about showing our project to investors, callaborators, distributors, etc. because it´s an essential element that our dossier must have. We will use a dossier to introduce our project.

What elements must have a datasheet?

A datasheet format used to be outstretched, formed by enumerations, bullets, tables or lists giving a general and clear idea about the project that it´s been managed. In addition, it can contain logos or little images which act as a guide to show basic or main characteristics of the project.

A proper datasheet must be composed at least with the following elements:

  • Title
  • Director
  • Country (of production)
  • Year (of production)
  • Duration
  • Genre
  • Distribution company
  • Production company
  • Screenwriter
  • Producers
  • Executive producers
  • Cast
  • Synopsis

From these elements, you can add the ones you think are necessary and provide relevant information about your movie. Here you have an editable template with more than 30 elements, which you can download to create your own datasheet.

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