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How to present your project via Email

Written presentations via email are given little importance and are the most used to present our projects. Especially in these times, it is very easy to write and send it instantly by email.

These emails may be the way to something bigger, do not lose this opportunity. It is better to learn to write a good presentation to be taken seriously.

Why am I blogging about this? Because, recently I had a call for entry for a film exhibition and the emails that arrived were a disaster, some of them without a subject, others with only an attachment, others without a name o contact information, etc. Not because you are a creative person, you should be allowed to send this type of email.

Whoever is presenting the project should give a good image. This time I checked all the emails I received, but I must confess that there were occasions in the past that I have not even opened the emails. Why? Because I’m not attracted to an email that has no subject or has nothing written in the email body. That to me means that they are not really interested.

Therefore, I will take you through a step by step of how you should send your projects in writing to communicate professionalism and interest from your part. Above all, make sure that who is on the other side reading your message understands you and gives it the importance that it deserves.

1. Subject. Always put something related to the company or to whom you address and the name of your project, film, short, documentary, etc. Never leave it blank and put a subject with no more than 10 words, for a longer message use the email body. This has to be short and concise.

2. Email body. Here you can extend and explain your project, you can start with your presentation. Who are you? Why are you writing? Then you can write a synopsis of your movie and also you can share a link to the trailer/teaser. Never leave it blank. Give it a good format and let it be visible that you have put an interest in writing this mail. Good writing is always well-seen. Take care of spelling mistakes.

3. Signature. Do not just put your name, put your phone no., some link where they can see more about you or your project, and your current job if this is relevant. Use up to 4 lines for this and give it a good format even using colors, bold and italic letters.

4. Attachments. Always attach a project presentation, technical file, or a dossier of your project and include the links to see trailers or website. This would be the official presentation of your movie/short film.

Remember that this presentation may be the most important. You never know who is on the other side reading your email and to whom they can forward it.

Here we leave you an infographic.

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