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How to self-promote successfully?

“Self-promote” words that sound very banal, that’s what society always say, we have heard all our lives that we should be humble and shouldn’t talk much about ourselves or our achievements, but how are we supposed to promote ourselves? If we can not talk about it.

Today I say, these words that we have heard for so long,  DON’T WORK!

How we intend to get people to remember us and especially that they recommend us?, If we can’t talk  about what we have achieved.

Self-promotion is something that must happen, YES or YES, in order to grow your brand or any project you have in hand, self-promotion is the key. People need to hear what you’re doing, what you’re offering to the world. How? Well, talking about yourself, here we will tell you how to do it. Don’t be afraid of thinking: “I have done a good job and I deserve to share it with the world” (self-promote)

Self-promote successfully

  • Write down your achievements. In a notebook write down all the achievements you have done, also count all of those you have worked really hard but for some reason, you have failed. This exercise will help you to see all the things you have achieved and which things you are good at and which ones you are not. But the most important you will notice what you can say about yourself.
  • Talk with certainty. When you are in meetings it doesn’t need to be always the “me, me, me” all the time. You can talk about your achievements with differents phrases such as: “I am passionate”, “I had a similar situation”, “I like”. These sentences speak of our accomplishments without abusing your ego.
  • Listen before you talk. I saw this in elwebmaster and it seems very appropriate. Because sometimes we get so busy “selling” and we do not listen to the customers or the people we are surrounded by at the moment. We are so self-absorbed that we lose the strong path to make that “sale” or collaboration happen.
  • Networking. Meeting people is the key. Hasn’t happened to you, that the friend of a friend knows or has something that you’re interested in? This is how you can find your next client/ partner/ investor/ partner. Therefore, we must attend events, meetings, and parties. You don’t  like to do networking or it seems difficult? Don’t worry! here you can watch a video for you to practice.

  • Be generous. I have read this in the entrepreneur website and makes so much sense. It is not just about selling or receiving proposals for partnerships or contracts, but also to realize what we can offer to other people. For example, if you have any talent such as video editing and a person you just met needs this service but does not have enough budget in order to pay. Maybe you can reach an understanding with a partnership agreement where that person can help you with something you need, this is called exchange, we saw something related to it a few weeks ago in promoting your movie. Instead of doing it with a movie, you do it on yourself.

I hope these tips will work for you and if you want more information about how to submit your film project to the world, you can contact us at RosssCammm Films Distribution Consultancy.

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