How to sell your film at a film festival

Film festivals are a super important step for films, from here you can have the opportunity to sell your film, get contacts and ideas to keep up creating. 

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Film festivals at your country, your continent or worldwide importance, they are spaces where you can find lots of opportunities to talk about your work and show your film to actually real film distributors and sales agents. This is the perfect place to connect and sell your film but I am sure you are wondering, how can do it? 

First of all, you must be accreditated in the film festival and then take all the advantages that accreditation will give you in return.

Here, there are some tips to promote and sell your film in any kind of film festival you are attending.

  1. Search the people who are attending the film festival, I mean you should look up for film distributors, films agents, and brokers. 
  2. Send personalized emails.
  3. The most important, don't forget promotion and the film marketing. This has to be done before, during and after the film festival.  

You are not alone in this, we hear you at Rossscammm Films & Marketing and that's why we have created a guide where you can find out how to sell your film at a film festival. This is a step by step of all the things you have to do. This is a guide to sell your film, would you like to know more?

In this guide we are going to share different steps to sell your film like a pro, this guide will help you feel more comfortable and confident about what you are selling and how you sell it. We are going to share the secrets of the big film companies in the industry.

What are you going to find out in this guide?

  • How to promote your film before, during and after the film festival only using the internet and digital marketing strategy. 
  • How you should approach film distributors and sales agents.
  • How to do networking and find the correct people to meet the objective. 
  • The importance of marketing and visibility of your film during the film festival. 

You need to take advantage of every opportunity during film festivals, each email, each person met and every day spent at the film festival gets you closer to your goal. To sell your film to the best. 

The first step you should do is to start promoting your film as soon as you can, you can't just leave it for later. Marketing and promotion must start now this way you can increase your numbers and the community around your film. If you start now you can show your potential buyers you have a community and they are interested in your film. You are adding value to your product and a buyer this kind of information likes it. 

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