Long Night at Texarkana

Year: 2016Larga Noche en Texarkana

Country: Spain

Production company: Videadores

Producers: Carlos Muñoz-Romero, José Joaquín Morales, Mar Rojo

Producción design: Mar Rojo

Photography and assembly director: Carlos Muñoz-Romero

Sound design: Emilio Escobar

Original music: Nausicaa P. Eyheramonno

Direction and script: José Joaquín Morales

Cast: Diego Landaluce, Elisa Abion, Marina Moya, Jesús Andes, Alfonso Sánchez, Víctor Nanclares, Said Taibi.



Jonathan is 25 years old, he has little money and he lives with Isa his girlfriend, they are always fighting. Their routine is broken when they now about Raul’s dead, he killed himself, he was an old friend from school. From that moment Jonathan wants to know why he did it and this will decide his own existence.

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