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The marketing around the Oscars

The marketing that moves around the Oscars awards year after year it’s impressive. Each year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences spends around 44 million of dollars to carry out this celebration however they recovered last year approximately 116 million dollars.

This is madness when we talk about the numbers that organizers from the Oscars spend in order to have a perfect event.

The marketing…

We do not need an introduction when we talk about the golden statue, the first couple of months of every year everyone, especially the industry and movie fans turn their eyes to the Oscars awards, who will win?, What movie is the best? actor? actress? costumes? who is going to sing?…

But do you know all that it takes for the films to get there? 

The contest begins long before there are nominees. The race to reach the academics is extraordinary and the films and their creators have to do everything in their hands like there’s no tomorrow.

This race begins 4/5 months before the awards, the films have to be in a constant promotion and have all the possible marketing so that they are taken into account just only to be valued for the nomination.

What does a movie have to do?

  1. If the filmmakers see that their film may have the possibility of going to the Oscars, they should sign up for the most important festivals in the world. Any kind of festival does not count.
  2. Now, filmmaker or whoever is in charge must hire a public relations person who specializes in campaigns for the Oscars, yes, this does exist!.
  3. In conjunction with the distributor, team or whoever is paying the expenses of this marketing strategy, you should join efforts and do lots of events. Where the academics can have an interaction with the film crew and I mean the famous ones.
  4. Use your connections and do a lot of networking, be in each of the events that are invited for the next 4/5 months until they announce the winners.

It sounds easy and not so expensive but when doing all this you must pay for the public relations expert that costs between $10,000 and $15,000 dollars, pay for each event that is organized around $5,000 and $10,000 dollars, it must be at least a minimum of a dozen of these. Cost of talent travel: actors and directors.

It is said that the marketing campaigns of each of the films range between 5 million and 10 million of dollars.

Let’s talk about the party and the cost of TV rights …

The cost of the party is estimated at 44 million of dollars, here are included the costs of stage, red carpet, security, decoration, parties and many other things.

You can learn more about costs here

But when you have a contract with one of the most important Tv channels in the world to broadcast the awards worldwide, it does not matter! because the ABC, owned by Disney, annually pays 75 million dollars to be part of this show. Do you think they lose? well, the do not! Only in 2015, ABC generated 110 million of dollars in sales for paid advertising. It’s not bad at all! Do you believe it?

Besides, all the media value that they receive throughout the year and especially these months because there is not a global media outlet that does not mention The Oscars. A brand that sells for itself and to use it needs to be paid many millions of dollars.

What would you if your film is nominated for the Oscar? Leave your comment below.

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