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Marketing for Creatives

Marketing can be easy for creatives! As we always say to our clients who are promoting one or several projects: the process is the same for each project that you are working on.  What changes with each project is the target you are connecting with, and the marketing actions you are going to use. This process is also the same for marketing yourself. The best part? Once you find your audience, you won’t need to start all over again.

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Often we hear creatives say “I am really bad at selling myself” or “I can sell other things but not myself…” Now think about how many times these creatives have lost valuable opportunities to sell their talent because of this kind of self-talk. That’s a tonne of lost opportunity right there.

If you are a creative who has felt this way about selling yourself – don’t worry! You can learn how to promote yourself with the tips we have for you here today in this post, ‘Marketing for Creatives’. Because marketing applies to everyone who is selling something, we are sure you want people to buy from you – if not, you wouldn’t be here.

5 Marketing Hacks for Creatives

  1. Website. Having a website is your most valuable tool as an artist because this is the place on the internet that actually belongs to you. Here you can create, write, and display whatever content you choose.
  2. Logo and palette color. Your logo is the image people remember you by. Just as important as the image is your use of color. It’s important to be consistent with the colors you use. You need to record the colors as a coded Pantone color so the colors are identical everywhere that you use them.
  3. SEO strategy. Having a website with a good SEO strategy will help Google and other search engines find you easily on the internet. This means your potential clients or partners can find you, without you looking for them. Your website is a tool that works for you if you have the know-how.
  4. Social media in place. Even your personal profiles can work for you as a marketing tool. You need to create content related to your work, and then share it. Don’t be shy: share, share and share some more.
  5. Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a great way to connect with fellow creatives, potential clients or partners. Interact with them, present yourself, and help others. People remember when you have helped them.

As you can see, none of these tools are super expensive. If you are serious about your career as a creative you need to invest time or money in some of them. You won’t regret having an outstanding brand that actually works for you.

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