Marketing for Filmmakers

Marketing, a word that you hear again and again in these times, especially on this website and everything related to what we do, we can't get enough of saying that marketing and promotion are as important as the film production itself.

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Without marketing there is no audience, if there is no audience there is no successful release, and waiting for someone to notice our feature or short film without a properly communication plan, is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The wait can be long and discouraging.

But, we are not here to dishearten you but to help you to draw the path for a successful and fabulous rehaalease of your film and to get that, even before you finish your movie, there are already people waiting for it. Imagine that they ask you: "when can we see it in cinemas?", "what such a wonderful piece of production!", "we want to see it!", etc.


Marketing for Filmmakers

To make possible for you to learn more about marketing in films and, above all, you can promote your film or project yourself ¡Today, we launch a new initiative for you! where we will talk everything about marketing and promotion for movies.

We will share challenges, mini-capsules with tips, successful movie campaigns and lot of great information about online and offline marketing, tools that are at your fingertips such as social networks, social selling, online design tools, etc. Even tips on how to adapt campaigns of major brands to your budget and project.

All you have to do is to click on the button below to be part of our unique and exclusive Facebook group, where we will take the conversation to another level. You will be hand in hand with the professionals of RosssCammm Films and some other guest, where you can also be able to help, give advice, connect to other filmworkers in your same situation who can be a great support.

A place when we will help each other and, above all, you could find many tips of the different promotion topics both for your film and for you, remember that you are a public figure now who is part of the entertainment industry and needs take care of his personal brand.

Many times we do not dare to do things out of fear to fail or what they will say, but if you don't ask or do, you will find yourself in the same place as before. It is better fight and fail than never try, you already have a NO and your YES is just one step ahead.

Came on! click on the button to be part of this adventure ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

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