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Marketing Plan for your Movie

The marketing plan is surely the least important when you are making your movie, the most important at this point is to follow the script and the story you are filming goes according to the standard you and your team want to achieve.

Anyway, what is the marketing plan? we hear a lot about it but we don’t know exactly what it is, well, this is the plan to be followed during the months ahead before releasing the movie, this would be the plan to reach our target audience and make our goal happen. People have to know, see and listen about our film one way or another.

For those who work on the other side of the coin, in this case, distribution, we would love that filmmakers hear our advice from the start of filming and take into account several things to consider when it comes to selling a movie. Among these things and I think this is one of the most important is defining the audience you want to reach (target).

As much as we want to say that our story is for everyone, it is impossible, since society varies from age, gender, preferences, religion, hobbies, culture, country, etc. For some people, one thing could be the greatest thing they have seen but for others, that same thing could be the ugliest they have seen. Therefore, it is very important to define what kind of people it could be interested in our film and have a proper marketing plan.

You’ve already thought about which people is your target, now it’s time to think about the most important and this is, money, a lot of times we can do wonders with little money, we just have to take control over this and we should not bet all the money only on one or just a few actions, you have to cover as much as you can with this little money. As my old boss used to say to us @cafabe76 “The less money you have, the more creative you become, as you do not stop pursuing your goal”.

Within the Marketing Plan, you can find more disaggregated content, but the two main categories are paid and unpaid Advertising.

Paid Advertising 

In this section we will refer to all marketing actions that are paid, here it comes the outdoor advertising, advertising on the Internet, events, activations or special actions. Here we could include printing of posters, standees, and special material that can be placed in movie theatres or points of sale.

Sometimes you can get free spaces, or get propaganda free of charge, this means that some spaces instead of paying a rent they will be given for free but most of the time you will have to pay for the printing of the material and this has a cost.

The most expensive Advertising in my experience is the one you see in the streets. Billboards, grassroots, advertising panels, columns, walls, etc. These are spaces that are rented to the Advertising companies and apart from paying the rent, you are in charge of paying for the printing of materials. We will discuss in another post the costs of these spaces. It’s crazy!.

Unpaid Advertising

For me, this is the best advertising and obviously, we all want to achieve all this free publicity, but how can we achieve it? As most of the time, this is achieved through exchanges, which means, you have to negotiate to reach an agreement on what each party will give the other in order to be happy. Brands and companies find very attractive working with films because it is part of the culture and also it is considered a luxury, it is so normal to see brands such as BMW, Audi, Channel or any other luxury brand appear or work with films and festivals.

What we need to have here: contacts, a strong speech, and a lot of enthusiasm, we don’t want to get discouraged, because companies won’t tell you yes right away, you have to negotiate and be persistent. Especially you need to be clear about what you want from them and get to the point sooner than later.

Here,  we can also count in the different mentions made by the press, this would be public relations and communication. Each time a media outlet has published something about your film this is a step up toward your goal. Sometimes you can also have some agreements with media, there’s no need of paying anything. Remember: If you have something that is interesting to journalists, they will talk about your project.

The unpaid advertising is all kinds of spaces for free (probably it needs to be paid for the printing of material), events, sponsorships, promotions, gifts for social networks, etc.

As you see the list is endless and imagination can go on and it will keep thinking about actions to publicize the film that we are working with. We know it is hard to think of everything, especially when you’re worried about the right light and good post-production, but what would you think if we help you reach your goals with a good marketing plan? Do not hesitate and contact us.

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