Mexican Film Show 2016

muestra-de-cine-mexicanomuestra-de-cine-mexicano-1Contemporary Mexican Film Show that will be held in Madrid, Spain from October 28th to November 1st. related to the day of the dead festivities, together with the Association "Colonia Mexicana". We will celebrate a great tradition in honor of the deads that is a big tradition every November 2nd. This date becomes a great party in each one of the cemeteries in Mexico.  

RosssCammm Films Distribution Consultancy this year would like to share with you through several Mexican movies and different activities this amazing tradition.



Films workshops 

Production and distribution workshops will be held in Librería Juan Rulfo Fondo de Cultura 

Cultural activities 

Dead altars, workshops, traditional dances, etc.


From the October 28th to November 1st.


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Press, sponsor or be part of the crew

Telephone: +34 910 106 007


Note: This information will be updated with the time.

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