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The more profitable media for promoting a film

At Rossscammm Films & Marketing we never get tired of saying that promoting a film and having a marketing strategy around it results in 80% of the success in tickets sales. This is why we want to end the year with the summary of a very interesting article written by Producción Audiovisual (Spanish blog) in which we show you the most efficient advertising media to promote a film.

Nowadays, online advertising has become a very important channel to promote a film alongside traditional advertising, especially if we talk about independent films. It is not surprising: online advertising is much cheaper and more accessible than traditional media, and it allows an exhaustive target segmentation while offering a series of metrics and analysis of results that haven’t been achieved in traditional media channels.

Promoting a film

Digital media is presented as the most efficient advertising channel to promoting a film according to the research “Do Movie Marketing Budgets Need a Digital Reboot?” done by Neustar. Nonetheless, most of the marketing budget is still invested in TV.

According to the research, the 8 most common marketing channels to promote a film are TV, display, online video, Facebook Ads, outdoor advertising, radio, press and search engine advertising. Within these, digital media gets 46% of box office earnings from paid media, so digital channels have the greatest impact on sales.

Furthermore, digital media are the most efficient promotion channels, since digital investment only represents 14% of marketing budgets to promote a film while traditional media accounts for 82%, invested especially in television. With that 14%, the films that participated in the research achieved 4% more sales than those generated by television advertising.

This makes us wonder if television is a really profitable media. According to Neustar, of all the digital media Facebook is, by far, the most efficient advertising channel. Within the research, the investment in this platform was only 4% of the budget and generated on average 9% of the box office obtained the first weekend and 20% of all sales driven by marketing. This means that investing in Facebook to promote a film is 10 times more efficient than investing in television.

In addition, the research revealed that investment in Facebook increase searches on Google and its users are more likely to share the ads of your movie with their friends.

Promoting a film

Another curious fact offered by the research is that only 44% of box office sales are due to investment in paid media, the remaining 56% is due to other motivations such as the casting.

At Rossscammm we always insist on having a marketing strategy before the production of the film to get better results at the time you release your movie, and the previous information supports our recommendation. So, if you are one of those who usually leaves marketing and promotion in the background and ends up spending the budget for this in the production process (that happens constantly) we hope after reading this piece you have a new purpose for the New Year.

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