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No. 1 Cool Trick to Managing Social Media

There is an excellent way of managing your social media content without having to spend hours spruiking your products or services online.

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You can actively engage with your network across a variety of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn – without getting overwhelmed or time-stressed. The key is to create content that you can share across the different mediums.

Say you are a producer writing a post about the film you currently have in development. You might focus on the director, writer, actors or location. The aim of the post might be to gain interest in your film and build a viable network of individuals that will help your film along its journey in some way. Whatever the case, once you have prepared your message don’t waste it by sharing it only through one platform! A few tweaks can turn a perfect blog post for your website into an inviting Facebook post or snappy feeds for your Instagram and Twitter audience.

Specifically, while Facebook and Instagram allow for long posts (up to 2000 characters or 2,200 characters respectively), LinkedIn allows up to 1,300 characters and Twitter is designed for short posts of up to 240 characters – the same content can be tweaked to direct traffic to where you want it. A great way to do this is by using links between your social media accounts. A short Twitter post followed by a link can easily direct your audience to your website or Facebook account. And vice versa. To see how this works for real, try and access this post in your different profiles. You will see how the content has been altered slightly to match the different mediums.

If this all sounds like a copy-and-paste exercise, you’re right! And there’s nothing wrong with that. Since the beginning of time people have been using a variety of different delivery methods to communicate their message with the world. Before the internet, companies used radio, television and print advertising to convey the same message in different ways. On a more personal level, think of how a parent communicates with their child by employing a range of auditory, kinesthetic, and visual tools – singing nursery rhymes, hugging a baby, and using colorful toys to catch a child’s attention. This is no different.

The added advantage of spreading the same message across a host of mediums is the expansion of your network with followers that might only engage heavily with one particular social media platform. And if you’re worried that your followers will think you’re rehashing the same material – don’t! In this digital age, not only will your target audience be comfortable with this approach: they expect it.

And don’t forget to play around with different formats like infographics, sliders, or live video streaming!



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