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Online networking on Shapr

We recommend doing online networking on Shapr as this tool has been part of Rossscammm’s life for a few years now. We discovered this app through our sales coach in 2018, and since then we haven’t stopped using it. It’s a great tool to practice your pitch and get to know people who you may never have thought of approaching.

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Depending on where you live, you might find more people located near you. However, in Europe, this app is not that popular so you won’t find a lot of people near you – but if you are looking to go international this is a great way to practice connecting with people from other countries.

Doing online networking on Shapr is really simple. We always call it tinder for professional networking because it works the same way: you swipe left if you don’t want to know them, you swipe right if you find that their profile appeals to your professional background and objectives. Also, if you are travelling and you allow the app to know your location then when you log in the app will find people near you.

How to make the most of Shapr

When you are doing online networking it’s super important to know why you are doing it. What are your objectives and goals when you are connecting with people?

Ask yourself these questions: who do I want to connect with? What do I want to get out of networking on this platform?

The secret in the Shapr algorithm is in the interests you put in your profile. Shapr will match you with the people who have similar interests – at least that has been our experience.

As soon as you connect with the people you right-swiped, send them a quick message and start a conversation that leads to a call where you can talk more. Don’t waste your time if the person doesn’t get back to you. Just move on. There are plenty of people to match with.

If you are interested in downloading the app, you can get it here, this link is our affiliated link because we trust and we have used this app for years now, so we know it’s going to be helpful for you.

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